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HS 1Community service is increasing among vocational and technical college students, and these colleges are having a hard time pointing them toward meaningful, diverse and transformative volunteer opportunities. Most vocational or technical colleges currently track service hours with paper forms and physical signatures, forcing an overwhelming amount of administrative hours to be wasted on paperwork. Students, teachers, and college administrators rely on these forms to ensure that requirements are met for colleges volunteer or intern hours, college admission, and graduation requirements. Keeping track of forms throughout their time with the college is not easy.

Despite the paper barrier, educators agree that service is important. According to many vocational and technical college administers and faculty, these are the top four reasons why community service is important to students: 

  • Service gives students a sense of purpose.

  • Service has a positive impact on grades.

  • Service can shape the direction of a student’s life and change the way he or she views the world.

  • Service has a positive impact on future 4 year type college acceptance.

HS 5The NPCC partners with many of its organization members to bring online tracking, reporting, approval, and verification to vocational or technical colleges. Through this partnership the NPCC organization members will have the option to add NPCC tracking and reporting capabilities to enabling students and school administrators to easily track and manage vocational or technical college student volunteer activity.

The benefits of adding NPCC tracking are:

  • Tracking: Students can easily track and manage their volunteer activity with NPCC.

  • Administration: Guidance counselors and program advisors can create groups, post on-campus events, and approve volunteer or intern hours online.

  • Reporting: Students and administrators can easily view analytics online—or via exported files—reducing time associated with traditional paper tracking processes.

  • Through NPCC partnerships, the NPCC is proud to offer our tracking to colleges because we believe that every hour counts and we can’t wait to serve you as your students serve their communities.

An important fact is that when colleges begin to offer community service and students participate it has an over whelming positive impact on academic performance. The NPCC found positive links between the two, providing solid research for community service advocatesIP 1

Students who participated in college required community service were 22 percentage points more likely to graduate than those that did not and were more likely to have improved their over all scores in every area and subject the college offers them.  Similarly, students who performed voluntary community service were 19 percentage points more likely to move on to some type of higher education than those that did not.

Community service for vocational or technical students is beginning to be offered to students across our country and it’s a great way for students to build their resumes and skill sets. But volunteer work for college students can be a life-changing experience, one that allows students to expand their horizons and foster meaningful relationships. Wondering where to volunteer? We will be enlisting thousands of Non-Profit Organizations and Churches in all 50 states, for all students who are interested in everything from working with animals to volunteering at homeless shelters.

Of course, I believe most students look for—and appreciate—the benefits of working in a part-time job but also truly understand the personal benefits of worthwhile community service work.

It may be somewhat obvious, but worth noting to remind us all that Students should volunteer as much as they can throughout their student years. Students  who volunteer gain benefits ranging from increased self-esteem to acquiring valuable job skills. And it goes without saying that community service is also a critical component of a successful application for a 4 year type college or university.

HS 3Why Community Service Work is Beneficial for vocational or technical college students:

  • Develops an increased sense of social responsibility—a global view of society and a heart for “giving back” and helping others.

  • Exposes teens to diversity and multiculturalism.

  • Provides an opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs.

  • Builds relationships and “social connectedness” with peers, adults, and activists sharing a cause.

  • Improves communication and critical thinking skills.

The College Admissions Benefits of student Volunteering and interning:

  • Helps students stand out among other applicants; admissions officers, and employers want well rounded individuals who volunteer; service work is a leading decision-making factor after a student’s GPA and other test scores.

  • Provides a topic of interest for college essays; emphasis on “why” and “how” a student has tackled an issue.

The Career Benefits of Student Volunteering:

  • Helps a student enhance their passions and interests a career choice they may have not considered.

  • Helps develop lifelong interpersonal and communication skills.

Community service is an essential way for students to explore their interests, show either the best step in their colleges what they believe in, and define a possible career path. By engaging in volunteer work, students have an opportunity to learn experientially. Community TransformationThey discover where their passions lie while undertaking “feel good” projects that truly make a difference. These experiences allow them to make more informed choices about college and career options as well as instilling a lifelong interest in giving back.

Even though I consider myself a good person, community service was less emphasized when I was a kid. Today, I am often impressed by the students I know. They are not just helping their neighbor with the groceries or babysitting for free. They are building houses, delivering meals, singing for the elderly, and more. They realize that community service has the potential to be life changing in more ways than one.


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