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You are great Americans and the NPCC knows that you deserve the best from America and its many individuals, small businesses, churches and charities.  In recent years many have joined our nation’s veteran population.  Over 20,000 Americans wounded in the ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and as many as 200,000 homeless veterans which account for one-third of the adult homeless population, veterans and military charities need to accomplish as much as they can with our donations. It is sad that all but one of the veterans and military charities included in past AIP Charity Rating Guides were rated unsatisfactory or poor. 

Veterans 3While many armed forces charities do accept contributions from the general public, most of their contributions for these charities come from armed services personnel through payroll deduction plans. The NPCC will not take funds from the military community to assist the military community.  We not against anyone who wishes to help support financially the NPCC’s efforts including armed services personnel and veterans.  WE simply have identified many other revenue streams to provide the great help that you deserve.  Through the NPCC and our special system of providing help, we are out to change this.  The NPCC locations are very efficient fundraisers; our goal is always to keep the cost of raising funds to 2-3 dollars per 100 dollars raised.  Also, we are focused on spending a very high percentage (93% to 94%) of our Military Division Budget on actual assistance programs your and your fellow veterans. 

Veterans 2Too often folks can take for granted how lucky we are. Among other things, we are lucky to have been born in this country, which gave us opportunities and freedoms that many people don’t enjoy. The NPCC Veteran Military Members will help to reminder our nation that what we too often take for granted is only ours because of you and many other veterans signed up and served and some people paid the ultimate price and gave their lives to defend our country and its freedoms. 

The NPCC wants to honor you and all the people who made the ultimate sacrifice by thanking you and remembering those who gave their lives, appreciating our freedoms and by supporting our veterans and active military personnel.  We also want to do something to help support you and other Veterans. 

Veterans 5The NPCC commits to you and all of our nation’s veterans to work toward or encourage others to:

1)      Seek out opportunities to hire veterans. Unemployment for veterans is higher than average. Yet, veterans are disciplined, hard working and loyal. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with several young people who joined the military. They were amazing employees.

Veterans 42)     Because there isn’t enough work for all of the military personnel who have returned home, many of them survive on odd jobs. What do you need done around your house? Post your odd jobs on the NPCC Hire Heroes and give back to those who have given so much. Plus, you’ll get someone who knows how to get a job done.

3)     Volunteer or donate to a the NPCC in your area.

4)     Donate clothes, food and any other items of value through your local NPCC locations

5)     Visit patients in a VA hospital or drop off books, movies or something special. The NPCC will be looking forward to starting many programs that will accomplish many things like this that seem small, but are a source or encouragement and love.  The NPCC can get you involved with the nearest VA Hospital. 

These are just a few of the ways that the NPCC will encourage our communities to help.  As an NPCC Veteran Military Member you will receive access to every resource that the NPCC has available.  We will be here for you and your family.  We want to encourage you to join as soon as possible and please do not stop there.  Strongly encourage other veteran and armed service personnel to join a well.  Together, we can plug into the NPCC amazing system of help and we will meet each need that is presented.

From everyone here at the NPCC, a very special thanks to all former and current military personnel. Join today. Complete the form below and submit your very low annual dues or the very reasonable monthly dues.

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