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Students across the country are helping to improve their local communities by giving, advocating and volunteering in the areas of education, income and health. This powerful force can prove to be a network of student committed to advancing the common good.  Students who participate gain: valuable leadership skills; knowledge about critical community issues; new perspectives on what role they can play as individuals to create positive community change; genuine, lasting relationships with their NPCC colleagues; and much more. As these students become leaders for their peers and on their campuses, they develop an appreciation and become catalysts for the NPCC movement. When they graduate, student leaders join an alumni network to keep them involved in long-term community change.



In the area of education the NPCC across our nation is supporting many programs. NPCC members will forge relationships with as many local elementary schools and corresponded via email throughout the semester with the school children – 3rd and 4th graders and kids with special needs. In creating several NPCC Programs, the NPCC Students will focus on encouraging higher education and better communication skills at a young age, in hopes of lowering the community’s high school drop-out rate in the future.

Income and Health

The NPCC Students creatively will focused on the areas of income and health, by leading assisting with production of many low cost day to day household items made from affordable items proven to be safe sleep alternatives to traditional more pricey items.  The household items were then donated to expecting homeowners for the purpose of curbing the doubling cost of new home owners start up costs. Many universities will also help with guiding elementary school children, whose parents otherwise have difficulty affording sufficient mentoring and torturing over the weekends, with a Weekend Adopt the Children Program. NPCC Students will work together with many High School and University volunteers to stuff backpacks on Wednesday mornings on a biweekly basis year-round, also helping to raise funds and collect many pounds of food. Local Non-Profit Partners welcome this help.

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Giving Back

The exemplary fundraising efforts of the NPCC Students across our country will contribute to the well-being of many communities. As a result of their various programs that will be held throughout the year, the NPCC Students will team up with many High Schools and Colleges to raise their own campaign dollars from students on campus which it then disburses to non-profit partners and churches and other local agencies. One signature NPCC Students program, will engage a few hundred volunteers and raise more needed funds. We are always energized by our NPCC Students.


The NPCC Students joining with High Schools and Universities have a unique approach to spreading the word and gaining public awareness for their causes and they continue to challenge the community in a positive fashion.  Several social media contests used Facebook to encourage students from High Schools and Universities to advocate and spread the NPCC Students message on campus. The students who participate in these programs and challenges  had the opportunity to earn points through the NPCC RewardNOW program.  As a result of these Programs and Challenges, hundreds of students became active passionate members of their communities and fans of the NPCC page on Facebook and many more were involved in different contests held to encourage community unity. It grew membership in the NPCC Students organizations significantly and increased the awareness of the NPCC and NPCC Students on campus. 

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The NPCC Students  have demonstrated their devotion to ongoing and consistent efforts to make a difference in the community through various activities throughout each year promoting volunteerism. Though there are several noteworthy examples, one of the first initiatives that our NPCC Students took on was becoming involved at a veteran’s facility. Several Universities donated old laptop computers to the our facility, and NPCC Students volunteers would visit to help teach the veterans how to get online and receive and send email. To an elderly veteran, living alone and with little family contact, this was life changing for many of them.

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