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1036 - 4 - High School Students Sitting on the GrassAs a non-profit organization, the NPCC, Inc. is committed to improving our communities and the civic responsibility that is one of the main ingredients, and we’re on the front lines of that effort. At every local NPCC Location we lead each of our members into their daily walks of life with a new mindset, and that is to seek out ways to “help”. From projects in our local communities, to national events, we stand with all of our nation’s High Schools, Vocational Colleges, Military Training Programs, Colleges and Universities dedicated to improving lives in the communities across our nation.

Our State and Federal Institutions Membership is designed for our nation’s High Schools and Higher education providers such as; Vocational Colleges, Online Universities, Military Training Programs, and two and four year academic Colleges and Universities. We know that building the character of the students of today will ensure successful and prosperous communities in our future.

1030 - School Picture of the High School BuildingWe support any member of the NPCC family trying to become engaged in providing help to their communities. As an organization that educates the next generation, your NPCC membership is a critical part of providing the leadership for students everywhere. The NPCC offers local, state and national community service experience to students and staff, while many of our programs and events allow students to improve community relations and communication skills. Your Membership will allow you to begin our NPCC Incoming Special Opts Service Program – or ISOSP on your campus, this program pairs hundreds of in-coming freshman students at both the High School and Undergraduate Level with our many local Church, Non-Profit Organization and Small Business NPCC Members, connecting these students – through service – with their communities and the issues facing it.

1030 - School Graduation cap and tassels on top of bookMany NPCC undergraduate students will volunteer each year, and there’s still more work to be done. If you’re already a member of the NPCC community, we invite you to help advance our campaign for community “help” and civic engagement. Join the NPCC TODAY! We look forward to working along side you to truly put ideas into action and action into service.

High Schools and Higher Education Organizations can play a multitude of important roles throughout our communities. Though organizational missions, objectives, or activities vary widely, the NPCC is committed to supporting greater effectiveness in achieving those goals.


Volunteerism in its early history came from a military context and to “volunteer” one’s time in service to others was a full-time commitment. Many came to call themselves Volunteer to the Community because they volunteered their whole lives to help people in need. This included – not only volunteering their time – but also their hearts, their spirits and their professional prosperity.

1104 - 5 - Volunteers putting up a wall of a New homeToday, the NPCC will through its members who are truly volunteers, provide help for many people in hundreds of communities in each or our nation’s states, through programs that are staffed by full-time and part-time, paid professionals who have adopted this same ideal of service as their full-time mission. However, that does not mean that we do not also depend on an army of modern-day “volunteers” who offer their free time to support our volunteer programs nationwide. In fact, many students and staff will devote hundreds of hours to hundreds NPCC lead programs and events nationwide – and we can always use more members!

1035a - Community Volunteers working on a new sidewalkWhy should your High School or Higher Education Organization become an NPCC Member?

The number one reason is “Community Assistance Opportunities”. Helping in and around our communities is the perfect way to feel connected to your community. The simple act of offering your skills and enthusiasm will positively impact the lives of others, as well as your own.

1062 - 3 - White College Building 2The intent of NPCC is to both generate and harness the community’s desire to assist in the overall improvement of the quality of life for everyone. Each individual brings a unique perspective, which fosters relationships and interaction with others and promotes positive change in our Communities.  Several factors drive people into community service, but the powerful force behind the NPCC is the positive change that is made through the inspiration of people to make a difference to help those in need. Institutions like ours can not function without the energy and input of our State and Federal Institution Members like yours.

The NPCC is an invaluable experience and engaging in service creates a valuable dimension to all communities. We invite you to join the NPCC and explore the opportunities in your community. Help us help others.

Every High School, Vocational College, Military Training Program, and 2 and 4 year academic Colleges and Universities can help. We know that everyone has a talent to offer, whether it’s expertise in a particular field or simply offering their valuable time to help fulfill needs within their community

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