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Congratulations! You and your family have served your country faithfully for many years in the military with all the accompanying moves and sacrifices. Retirement can certainly creep up on you. You are at a point where you feel you know all the answers a military spouse or family needs to know and then retirement changes your world. A successful retirement requires research and planning. 

The NPCC knows that planning should ideally begin at least one year out. Sit down as a couple and outline your goals. There are many issues to consider.  What kind of career is the service member contemplating after retirement?  How will this affect the spouse’s career or school plans? Where do we want to live?  Fortunately, your local NPCC team will be able to help you using one or more of the services, programs and resources to help you make this transition. Retired Military 1

The Great thing about the NPCC is that, while many of the organizations only offer their services to the service member, the NPCC will be establishing many programs and resources that will help your entire family.  It would be very helpful for your spouse to attend any NPCC meeting or sessions that are scheduled.  Military families often serve without asking for anything in return. But as needs arise, programs are required to address them. Based on what we have heard from you, we have made available many programs to help sustain military families. 

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for military families is to celebrate them for being special! The NPCC’s award programs allow us to highlight those special people that benefit military communities worldwide.

Retired Military 3Every year, we will name one family from our Local NPCC community as the Military Family of the Year and we recognize two Volunteers with an award for service to the Association.  Whether you’re a friend, a relative, neighbor, or military family yourself — we hope you’ll sign up to show your support. Receive the latest information affecting them, and enjoy a variety of valuable benefits yourself. However you choose to show your support, numbers really do count! Be part of the growing numbers to help voice the issues of military families’ needs and make a difference today. 

There are 2 other types of individuals that may  join the NPCC as a Retired Military Member.

Retired Miitary 5 Military Family Members or Parents:

As a family member or parent of a Retired Military Individual, when you become an NPCC Retired Military Member, this allows us to accomplish our goals of protecting the rights and benefits, and improving the quality of life for military families.  Every family member of a Retired Service Individual will join the NPCC in obtaining child care centers, extended hours, and youth programs for families dealing with long shifts or deployments.  Also they help secure laws helping family members, like those caring for the wounded and tending to military children, extra time from work without fear of losing their jobs. It is an awesome step to join the NPCC team. We will accomplish many great things for families like yours.


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