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Amos Ramirez,Founder and CEOKindred Heritage, Inc.(Our Parent Company)

Amos Ramirez,
Founder and CEO
Kindred Heritage, Inc.
(Our Parent Company)

The NPCC, Inc. has a rich history.  The principles and work ethic that are a critical part of any successful organization were present from the very first day we opened our doors.  Our parent company, originally called The Kindred Life Foundation, Inc.  began as a front line family organization as opposed to a family resource organization.  We began with the same genuine passion to help both individuals and groups that we have today.  The Kindred Life Foundation was born in 1992.  To this day, our founder, Amos Ramirez, is determined to provide much needed help to individuals and communities throughout each of our states.

Amos Ramirez,Founder and CEOKindred Heritage, Inc.(Our Parent Company)

Amos in the middle surrounded by his family.

As a child, his parents taught him the importance of hard work and the value of giving back to the community. His vision became a reality with the development and work of the Kindred Life Foundation.  Through the years, the organization began to see a difference in the communities they focused on and saw how their hard work made a significant positive impact.

As Amos continues to focus his energy on individuals and communities in need, the NPCC will also continue the work of the Kindred Life Foundation, Inc.  One of the great things that has come out of our restructuring is that our organization is now a membership organization.  This will allow us to provide a more powerful and effective type of help to individuals and their communities.  

With this reorganization came our new name;  The Kindred Life Foundation, Inc. is now the Kindred Heritage, Inc. and we will continue the same compassionate work that comes straight from the heart and mind to successfully reach as many concerned citizens, students, active duty and veteran division personnel, churches, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and both state and federal institutions across our communities as we can.


It will always be our mission to seek out and to provide more and more help to individuals and groups alike.  As we work hard each day to fulfill our mission, we will always monitor our communities day to day business and economic needs.  The NPCC’s mission is one that turns traditional economic growth models on their heads and brings us to not just an understanding, but also a full grasp on how to put into practice solutions that are built on the natural fact that everything boils down to people.  That is what makes everything in our world not only go around, but also advance and become more and more successful each day.

Mission Statement:

The NPCC, Inc is a non-profit organization founded to “HELP”, to help individuals, households and organizations in need.

We will provide help by uniting Concerned Citizens, Students, Active Military, Veteran Military, Retired Military, Retired Citizens, all Household Members, Churches of all denominations, Non-Profit Organizations, Small Businesses, Private Institutions and State or Federal Institutions for a more powerful and effective way to meet needs of individuals and groups.

We will provide help and assistance in one or all of the 7 basic areas of a fulfilled and happy life as needed:

1) Our need for food and clothes

2) Our need for shelter and utilities

3) Our need for transportation and childcare

4) Our need for education, training and self improvement (life skills training)

5) Our need for good continued mental health

6) Our need for good continued physical health

7) Our need for employment or business growth and success (basically the ability to provide for ourselves and our families)

Our pledge is to continue to provide help to individuals and groups in need until those same individuals and groups reach the point were they can begin to help others in the same way they received help.

Once we begin to see this occur, we know that our mission statement has successfully completed a full cycle.


1035a - Community Volunteers working on a new sidewalkOur Future

The NPCC, Inc. will work together with other community leaders to carry out our mission statement.  Our commitment is to work along side each of our Members– concerned citizens, students, both active duty and veteran division personnel, churches of all denominations, non-profit organizations, state/federal institutions and small businesses in our communities.

Through the years the NPCC has provided leadership and the qualities that are needed to lead our communities into the future.  We have not only proven our skills, but also, and much more important, we have shared our excitement, passion and heart to recognize the face of need and feel deep in our hearts that the we should do everything in our power to help.

We also recognize that it is not enough to simply assist folks in need.  We must also train and help them to overcome the situations that caused their struggles and then help them to maintain that same level of health and life afterwards.

Ultimately, the NPCC understands that our mission statement must continue to cycle; we want those individuals, families, and groups to rise to a level where they can begin to assist others in the same way that they received help.

That is what each NPCC location is all about.  As communities begin to see great improvement,  these concerned citizens, students, both active duty and veteran division personnel, churches, non-profit organizations, state/federal  institutions and small business who make up our NPCC membership and leadership in our communities will begin to see their communities improve and simply become a better place to not just live and work, but to prosper as they serve in and around their communities.

1036 - 3 - Goupr of People Smiling

As our organization continues to work and complete its mission, you will begin to experience the strength and competitiveness of our local, city, state and national economies increase. 

The NPCC will focus on and provide much needed start up work where help does not currently exist for a particular problem and bring assistance and support to “help” or programs that already exist.  Here are some of the areas the NPCC will be monitoring and actively working on to help communities become stronger and able to surpass their existing expectations and goal: 

Education –  Energy and Environment – Employment and Job Services – Infrastructure – Labor and Social Services – Legal Reform – Capital Markets – Health Care – Commerce and Trade – Personal and Commercial Property – Economy and Taxes.

All across our nation in hundreds of communities, the basic ingredients for a good life is increasingly becoming something that is beyond reach for a growing number of people.

1036 - 4 - High School Students Sitting on the Grass

*Almost one in four working parents do not earn enough to provide for their families.

*An alarming 25 percent of teenagers will not graduate on time, hurting their chances to make a successful transition to adulthood.

*Only one in three adults can be considered healthy,

*Based on risk factor data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and more than 49 million Americans each year suffer due to lack even basic healthcare.

We can not accept these conditions. The NPCC will challenge our current solutions and create opportunities for a better life for everyone. We will move more aggressively in this direction, the NPCC drew on research and sought input from a broad range of partners to measure where progress has been made over the last 10 years and where we have failed. This information is the foundation for the mission of the NPCC.1030 - Business Old style brass compass and Chain on Map


These are our 10 year initial goals for each community that we begin to serve in:

1036 - 6 - Medical personnel

We see that when we focus on the “NPCC Mission Statement” we will strengthen the fundamental foundations of our communities.  

Basic needs, the personal education, personal finance and the mental and physical Health of everyone in our communities really is our foundation.  Each of us count on being healthy and strong each day. Our Personal Education is important when we are trying to get a job and once we are employed, will help us keep that job.  It also helps us increase the amount a company will pay us and provide benefits for us.  A solid paycheck that can pay for today’s necessities and save for the future will provide families a sense of financial stability. Access to quality health care keeps children on track in school and adults productive at work. Remove any one of these essentials and our community foundations begin to crumble.

1036 - 7 - Lady looking in a tube in a Reasearch Lab

Working with each of its members, the NPCC will look for the most effective ways to help people obtain their basic needs, the best in personal education, personal finance, and mental and physical health services. This will take many people and resources to meet and surpass our 10 year projected goals. Our goals are definitely reachable and with a united effort of our membership– all concerned citizens, students, both active duty and veteran division personnel, local churches, non-profit organizations, state/federal organizations and small businesses we will easily see our foundation in each of our communities strengthen and create a domino effect of economic growth and success for everyone.

1036 - 8 - College Student standing in Line

Uniting Force:

The NPCC was founded as a community improvement organization dedicated to bringing people, organizations, and businesses together to establish very powerful and yet meaningful beneficial relationships.

It is composed of people who are united by the simple understanding that everything in our world moves forward and is successful because of people.  The NPCC shares the common purpose of bringing others to know true success and to achieve their full potential. The overall purpose of our organization is to motivate all people to embrace the gifts that each of us have, to grow to the point where we are no longer focused on ourselves or our families and to then encourage us to begin to use our gifts to help others.The NPCC is a fighting force, constantly fighting against the things that bring our communities down.

It will continue to provide total HELP for the total person. The NPCC cooperates with local concerned citizens, students, both active duty and veteran division personnel, churches of all denominations, non-profit organizations of all kinds, state/federal institutions and small businesses everywhere to meet the needs of the community. Those who have needs, either a need for help to get back on the path to success and happiness or help to improve life situations to make it possible to move to the next level or even, help for times of personal tragedy, these are all situations that the NPCC will provide HELP for.

1036 - 9 - Lady drawing on a clear Dry Erase board

The NPCC is also synonymous with service. The distinguishing feature in the life of the NPCC is active participation by its members.  NPCC community programs are the focus of the much needed work and are organized in a very simple and flowing manner.  We will continue each day to multiply the incredible power of care, passion and help for better and stronger communities.

Everyone needs a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family and good mental and physical health.  The NPCC will together with its members create changes of this magnitude. We will begin by declaring bold goals. When the stakes are high, our members always rise to the occasion. This leads to partnership which is the second critical element.  We have to think differently about partnerships and set aside our special interests if we want to make real progress. This work requires collaboration across all sectors—big businesses, small businesses, elected officials, nonprofits, academia, the faith community, the labor movement, the media, parents and neighbors; when they are all working together, we can accomplish things that no organization, no individual and no government can accomplish on its own.

The NPCC will reignite a movement that is committed to creating opportunities for everyone and we invite you to be a part of it. Join today and find out how you, your organization or your business can make a difference. Together, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.

We would like for everyone to consider becoming a member. Either go to one of our membership pages under the membership tab above…or simply CLICK on one of the membership pages below and complete  submit your membership application at the bottom of the page then submit your Membership Dues.

Your community is looking forward to your membership…Join today.


Individual Members:

Concerned Citizens


Active Duty Military

Veteran Military

Retired Military

Senior Citizens

Household Members:


Active Duty Military Families

Veteran Military Families

Retired Military Families

College Roommates



Organization Members:


Non Profits 

Small Businesses

Private Institutions

State or Federal Institutions

Event Vendors


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