Our Mission

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It will always be our mission to seek out and to provide more and more help to individuals and groups alike.  As we work hard each day to fulfill our mission, we will always monitor our communities day to day business and economic needs.  The NPCC’s mission is one that turns traditional economic growth models on their heads and brings us to not just an understanding, but also a full grasp on how to put into practice solutions that are built on the natural fact that everything boils down to people.  That is what makes everything in our world not only go around, but also advance and become more and more successful each day.


Mission Statement:

The NPCC, Inc is a non-profit organization founded to “HELP”, to help individuals, households and organizations in need.

We will provide help by uniting Concerned Citizens, Students, Active Military, Veteran Military, Retired Military, Retired Citizens, all Household Members, Churches of all denominations, Non-Profit Organizations, Small Businesses, Private Institutions and State or Federal Institutions for a more powerful and effective way to meet needs of individuals and groups.

We will provide help and assistance in one or all of the 7 basic areas of a fulfilled and happy life as needed:

1) Our need for food and clothes

2) Our need for shelter and utilities

3) Our need for transportation and childcare

4) Our need for education, training and self improvement (life skills training)

5) Our need for good continued mental health

6) Our need for good continued physical health

7) Our need for employment or business growth and success (basically the ability to provide for ourselves and our families)

Our pledge is to continue to provide help to individuals and groups in need until those same individuals and groups reach the point were they can begin to help others in the same way they received help.

Once we begin to see this occur, we know that our mission statement has successfully completed a full cycle.


We would like for everyone to consider becoming a member. Either go to one of our membership pages under the membership tab above…or simply CLICK on one of the membership pages below and complete your membership application at the bottom of the page.

Your community is looking forward to your membership…Join today.


Individual Members:

Concerned Citizens


Active Duty Military

Veteran Military

Retired Military

Retired Citizens

Household Members:


Active Duty Military Families

Veteran Military Families

Retired Military Families

College Roommates



Organization Members:


Non Profits 

Small Businesses

Private Institutions

State or Federal Institutions

Event Vendors

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