Organization Memberships


The NPCC realizes the importance of every organization, regardless of size, to the economic well being of the surrounding community. It also is committed to strengthening services to member organizations through a variety of programs developed solely for the organization and its community.  Here is a list of the items of service that the NPCC will be providing for each city and town that we begin to work in:

  •  The Ninth Hour – After a long day at work why not join us and mingle with your fellow NPCC Members! Promote your organization by hosting one of these events offered monthly.

  • Committees – Help us help you! The NPCC offers many committees including Annual Banquet, Golf Outing, Taste of the Town, Concert in the Park, and Ambassadors. Each committee is developed to target a specific area of interest to the NPCC and its Members.

  • Economic Development – The NPCC works to build and strengthen the organization community of each city and town on a daily basis. We have an ongoing commitment to advocate and promote balanced economic growth in each city and town. We are dedicated to creating strong local economies through organization retention and expansion, attraction of new organization enterprises, and support of organization-friendly legislation.

  • Education – Helping to create a strong, well-educated workforce, by offering periodic seminar/workshops.

  • Government Advocacy – The NPCC is dedicated to communicating the views of the organization community as it relates to local, regional, state and federal governmental issues. We strive to keep NPCC members informed on timely topics and issues that affect everyone

  • OMP 5Mailing Labels – The NPCC will provide upon request one set of NPCC Member mailing labels for $25 with a paid membership per year.

  • Member Directory – You receive a free alphabetical and categorical listing in our online directory that is visited by thousands of people throughout the world in search of information on services like yours. By purchasing upgrades, members can easily and effectively enhance their online listing.

  • Member Referrals – Via phone calls, e-mails, letters and drop-ins, the Portage Area NPCC of Commerce receives thousands of requests for referrals each year. Only our members are referred to organizations or individuals seeking products and services. We direct organization to you!

  • Networking – Make contacts, develop leads and learn valuable organization strategies at NPCC Organization The Ninth Hour, Golf Outings, Family Bowling Outings, Organization Luncheons, Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner and other special events.

  • Newsletter – Our monthly newsletter, The Help Express, keeps members informed of upcoming NPCC events and programs, member benefits and community news. The Help Express is also available online, helping advertisers reach thousands of potential new clients! Opportunities are available for advertising and target marketing by taking an ad space or including an insert. Additional exposure is provided through the monthly Organization Profile.

  • NPCC RewardsNOW Gift Certificates – Purchased through the NPCC and used at participating NPCC member’s organization. Participating in NPCC RewardsNOW can help boost your organization while helping to keep thousands of dollars in the community that you serve.OMP 3

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies – Our Community Relations Coordinators help you organize an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to formally welcome your organization to the community, celebrate an expansion or a new move within your organization. A photograph is taken and submitted to the local newspaper, as well as printed in our monthly newsletter.

  • NPCC CO-OP Member Programs – Opportunity to enroll in our phone program and create non-dues revenue for the NPCC.

  • Tourism & Retail Promotional Opportunities – many Visitor Guides and Maps are distributed annually. Opportunities are available to market your organization during promotional events & activities: Concert in the Park, Taste of the Town, Holiday Events and more!

  • Visitor/Relocation Information Packets – Information is sent throughout the year to individuals who call or write indicating an interest in visiting or relocating to your area. The NPCC provides community information, demographics, local publications, maps and brochures for tourists, new residents and organizations.

  • Website – is the NPCC’s online connection to its Members and the world! When Members ues “Realifepages” and access their profiles, they can post their events, hot deals, available jobs and much more. Contact the NPCC for your own username and password log in. Members are listed by category with web site links are a part of your membership.

OMP 1Some organizations might say their schedule is demanding enough at the moment, and the thought of adding one more activity to their busy calendar is unbearable.

So why should they try to cram time into their already hectic schedules to join and actively participate in their local NPCC?

Because membership in the local NPCC offers numerous benefits and keeps organizations on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within their community and local marketplace.

Not only that, but research points out that consumers are more likely to do organization with a company if it’s a member of their local NPCC.

According a research study by The Shapiro Group, Inc. and Market Street Services, when consumers know that a small organization is a member of their local NPCC, they are 44 percent more likely to think favorably of it and 63 percent more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.

If you still don’t think you have time to join and participate in your local NPCC, consider the following:

  • Most consumers (59 %) think that being active in the local NPCC is an effective organization strategy overall. It’s 29 percent more effective, however, for communicating to consumers that a company uses good organization practices and 26 percent more effective for communicating that an organization is reputable.

  • If a company shows that it’s highly involved in its local NPCC (e.g., sits on the NPCC Advisory Board), consumers are 12 percent more likely to think that its products stack up better against its competition.

  • When a consumer thinks that a company’s products stack up better against the competition because the company is highly involved in its local NPCC, it is because he or she infers that the company is trustworthy, involved in the community and is an industry leader.

  • When consumers know that a restaurant franchise is a member of the NPCC, they are 40 percent more likely to eat at the franchise in the next few months.

  • When consumers know that an insurance company is a member of the NPCC of commerce, they are 43 percent more likely to consider buying insurance from it.

How does all that sound? If your organization is a restaurant or an insurance company, isn’t it fantastic to hear the news that consumers are more likely to choose your organization over a competing, non-member organization because you’re a member of your local NPCC? Are you convinced yet that you should join your local NPCC if you aren’t a member already?

If not, read this top 10 list of reasons why you should join your local NPCC supplied by the NPCC corporate United States headquarters.OMP 7

Membership brings credibility to your organization. You can increase positive perception with the community that you serve and also other organizations when you’re identified as a member of a NPCC.

  • Increase your visibility in the community. As a new member of the NPCC, you will be listed in the NPCC newsletter, e-newsletter, on many social networks and have the opportunity to be highlighted in other NPCC ‘s own “Realifepages” and other NPCC publications. You also can grow your organization by advertising with the NPCC and sponsoring events. The NPCC may also promote your grand opening and schedule a ribbon-cutting ceremony and assist with any public relations efforts.

  • Create networking opportunities. NPCC will have numerous committees and serving on one of them provides numerous networking opportunities as well as professional leadership development. You can build your organization while promoting developments of keen interest to local organizations and the community at large.

  • Gain a voice in government. The local NPCC takes on the tough issues and opposes new regulations, taxes, fees, assessments and costs directed at organizations. It also helps protect the principles of free enterprise and aids organizations in being treated fairly.

  • Make organization contacts. The NPCC’s most fundamental mission is to generate more organization activity for the community. The NPCC initiates more organization-to-organization commerce and more opportunities for networking and connecting local NPCC Individual and Household Members, and professionals than is available through most other local organizations.

  • Receive NPCC newsletters. Newsletters provide new member information, interesting information about operating a local organization, articles about the local community, a community calendar and details about up-and-coming NPCC events, among other things.OMP 4

  • Acquire customer referrals. Every day, your local NPCC receives calls from individuals and organizations looking for potential vendors, and NPCC members typically recommend NPCC members.

  • NPCC events and programs. NPCC events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base. NPCC events are innovative and fun ways to help members meet potential customers, clients and vendors— and generate new organization leads.

  • Promotion and publicity. With a NPCC membership, you can reach potential members and clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for organization-to-organization advertising and publicity.

  • Access to members-only discounts and services. These of course will be different from NPCC to NPCC. For example, the Sandy Area NPCC in Oregon has a member-to member discount program where a NPCC member will receive $10 off any phone or accessory purchased from the local Verizon Wireless retailer in Sandy, which is a member of the NPCC, while a local Verizon in Texas did not offer the same discount.

  • Small organizations represent the largest segment by number of most local NPCC membership rolls. Results in the research study by The Shapiro Group, Inc. and Market Street indicate the impact of local NPCC membership on small organizations is very powerful. If a consumer knows a small organization is a member of its local NPCC, the organization enjoys a 44 percent increase in its consumer favor-ability rating, a 51 percent increase in consumer awareness, a 57 percent increase in its local reputation and a 63 percent increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the organization in the future.

Okay, ready to join your local NPCC, if you aren’t already? Well it is real simple.  First go to the appropriate Organization Membership Page.  Then at the bottom of the page, complete and submit Your Membership Form and then submit your Membership Dues.

Charter Membership:

As we begin to conduct Charter Membership Drives across the country, we will be starting in 7 cities in every state.  After we have reached the first 350 cities across the country, we will be going to all the small cities and towns that are left and holding the remainder of the Charter Membership Drives.  During the first 2 years from the first day that the NPCC begins its Membership drives in your city or town, everyone who becomes an NPCC Member will be designated as an NPCC Charter Member.  This is HUGE and VERY VALUABLE.  Each one of our Charter Members will not only receive services that no other member can, but they will also be invited to special events and even travel destinations at no charge to them.  Because our Charter Members are the individuals, households and organizations that started with us on the ground floor in their specific cities and towns, and they showed incredible faith and character in helping us build literally from the ground up, we will always remember this in everything the NPCC does.


To become an NPCC Organization Member simply go to the Organization Membership Page that best fits your organization, complete and submit the Membership Form at the bottom of the page and submit your Membership Dues.  It is that simple.  Any organization can begin to take advantage of all the NPCC benefits for as little as $18.23.

You may also click on one of the Membership Types below to get to Your Membership Page:



(Membership Dues:   Annual = $175.00   and   Monthly = $18.23)


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