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Nora’s Cure is another fine division of the NPCC, Inc. It is not like any other incurable disease organization or foundation, this is its mission.

Its mission consists of 4 areas of help.

1) To provide funds that are raised through the NPCC that will assist organizations, foundations and research groups or individuals who are directly engaged in passionately finding cures for today’s diseases that currently remain unsolved.

2) To provide a place where, family members who have stood by their loved ones through a difficult and though battle can join together, not only for comfort, understanding and support, but also to unite that passion that says we are going to do something about this awful disease, we will fight! A place were that burning natural discussed and anger of the disease that cut short a dear loved one’s life will be channeled into a positive and powerful force solely focused on a cure.

3) To offer one of hundreds of types of events to family members that has lost a loved one to an incurable disease.  An event that they can claim as their own and that, with their close consult, will completely be taken care of for them. This event will be publicized and carried out in the name and honor of their loved one that fought so hard and is missed.

4) We realize that there are many families that have lost loved ones to these diseases. Individuals who fight against these diseases often face emotional, spiritual and physical challenges.  The need to be with their family is critical throughout these battles.  These challenges also affect the family members who stand along side their loved ones each day of the fight. Nora’s Cure will provide as much financial assistance needed to help ensure that families are together and that as many of their needs are met during the battle their loved one is going through. We want to carry on Nora’s courage, care and passion for life and family and in time, bring not only hope to those who are suffering, but real cures.

Our efforts will utilize the full resources of the NPCC to provide this much needed assistance.  In addition to the items list above, our efforts will also consist of, but will not be limited to, everything from fundraising to exclusive intern programs with local colleges and universities.  This will help to ensure enough help is available and also to ensure that bright future researchers will be available to carry on the critical work needed for new discoveries.  Our final effort will be to provide lobbying assistance to organizations, foundations and research groups or individuals search for cures, at times the red tape of moving things forward becomes so thick that things actually can come to a stop.  We want to carry on Nora’s courage, care and passion for life and family and in time, bring not only hope to those who are suffering, but real cures.


Why Should Someone Give to Nora’s Cure Rather than to Another Foundation or Organization?:

This is a question that has been asked of us several times.  This is a very good question.  Yes, if you had a family member that lost a battle with an incurable disease such as one of the ten incurable diseases listed below:

1. Cancers | 2. Asthma |  3. HIV/AIDS |   4. Diabetes |   5. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease |

6. Influenza |   7. Lupus Erythematosus |   8. Parkinson Disease |   9. Scleroderma |  10. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

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There is probably an organization that the public can donate to for that particular disease.  After reading our mission statement, you now know that we provide help, support, comfort and an opportunity to join together with others who have lost loved ones and make a difference where it truly counts and that is on the front lines of the battle to find cures.  One can donate to another organization and that will help.  Your check will be taken and a donation will be noted in your name or in honor of your loved one that lost their battle to that particular incurable disease.  These organizations main focus lies in offering information on preventative life style measures for the public surrounding a particular disease. Some do either donate to research or have grown to the point where they have research departments of their own. All of these things are good and have value and Nora’s Cure will help these organizations as well, when needed.

The greatest difference is that Nora’s Cure will always focus on peoples needs first. The loved one that has the incurable disease and the families that support them.  Also, reaching out and helping in any way that we can, the actual people on the front lines of trying to find a cure.  We will do our best to meet needs through the uniting of local Churches and others to provide help to entire families both before and after the battle is over, whether the battle was won or loss.  Second, we are extremely focused on the front line fights for cures.  Not just giving money to the organizations, foundations and research groups or individuals who are engaged in trying to find cures and walking away.  We will work side by side with the front line researchers, medical professionals and scientist to help meet their day to day needs both on the people side of things as well as the professional research side of things.

In this way Nora’s Cure stands alone and we want you to know that we pledge to do more with your gifts toward accomplishing the main directive and that is finding cures!  We do this so that at some point in the near future our families will not have to go through the pain and suffering of an incurable disease.


 Ways that you can get involved:

1) Simply donate any amount to help Nora’s Cure.  Since we just opened our doors, the sky is the limit as to how many help avenues we can build.  The cure for any of the incurable diseases out there will become one of our causes and some may be addressed in several places throughout the country simultaneously.  An actual Cause will vary, it may simply include one peace of equipment that is needed for $5,000 – $10,000 or a list of needs that total much more.  We know that for some of these Causes, many of you out there have been blessed to be in the position to write a check for the entire goal.  If that is the case and you feel led to do so, please do.  The sooner we meet any of our Cause Goals the sooner we can move on to other needs that the research, medical or scientific community may have.

2) If you have had a family member that has lost a battle to an incurable disease and you would like to have them be remembered in a special way?  We would be honored to begin a Cause Campaign or Event in their name.  Simply write to us and share with us your story.  Send your emails to-

3) Be on the look out for events such as Bowling Tournaments, Golf Tournaments, Galas and other events that will help us to raise funds for many Causes in the future. You can help in many ways.  From becoming one of our sponsors to volunteering to help at the event. Again, we would also hold an event in your loved ones name if you wish to have them remembered through one of our events (Example: if your love one lost a battle with an incurable disease and they loved to dance, we could honor them with a dance-a-thon and all proceeds would go toward a cure for the disease that they battled in their name)  Again, simply write to us and share with us your story. Send your emails to-

4)  If you are a researcher, medical professional or scientist, either an individual or a team, involved in current research for a cure of an incurable disease and you are in need of certain tools that would help your research, please contact us immediately with your needs.  Email us with a short description of your research and the tools that you are in need of.  Send your emails to-

5) If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about Nora’s Cure, please feel free to go to our Contact Us page and contact us. Or again, you may simply email us.  Send your emails to- -Thank You.



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Please check this section for any future Nora’s Cure Events that will be taking place in your area.  Please, if you would like to lead an event to help benefit Nora’s Cure or another organization through Nora’s Cure feel free to email us at: . Thank you for your support.




Nora’s Cure Causes and Results:

No.   Cause Number     Begin Date   Completion Date     Description                                                                                    Initial Goal          Final Total Gifts    Total Individuals


1                1001                  02/28/2015          04/23/2015              Assistance for Scleroderma Research and Family Assistance           $13,754.00                $13,780.00                    932

Our Story:


Nora Slater Ramirez – | 1960 – 2015 |

Nora’s Cure was founded in honor of Nora Slater Ramirez, beloved daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mom and teacher. Nora was born in January of 1960 in Marion, Iowa. After graduating from Iowa State University, Nora moved to South Texas where she taught elementary school.  She soon earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Development from Texas A&M University Kingsville.  Shortly thereafter, Nora was blessed with a loving husband, Marcos, and eventually her children, Tyler and Ashlynn.  Nora and her family remained in Texas and Nora continued to teach children. Nora taught in elementary schools until she retired in 2013.
In August 2014, Nora was diagnosed with Scleroderma. She fought a hard and tough battle each day spent in the hospital. Nora lost that battle in February of 2015. In honor of her passion and love for life and her family, this division was created to provide hope, and eventually cures, for diseases such as Scleroderma.  All over the world diseases like this are cutting our dear family member’s lives short. Nora fought hard in her battle against Scleroderma which is a rare disease that effects the skin and connective tissues and can affect internal organs.
In the US alone, as many as 200,000 cases are reported each year.  We want to carry on Nora’s courage, care and passion for life and family and hopefully bring to those who are suffering not just hope, but real cures.  Just as Nora was a part of helping children better their lives, Nora’s Cure wants to be a part of as many solutions and cures that are just outside our grasp right now, but that are right on the horizon of tomorrow.  We want to stop the suffering and get our loved ones out of hospital beds across our nation and the world and back to their families, enjoying life to the fullest.




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