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1104 - 1 - Clip Art People holding hands around the EarthThe NPCC is home to numerous non-profit organizations, together making a huge contribution to our quality of life and providing resources to many individuals, groups and businesses both large and small throughout our communities.  When we think “non-profit organization”, we know that many organizations come to mind.  Many of these organizations are helping those in their time of need for life emergencies or day to day support. Maybe you think of groups such as youth organizations or medical research groups, all helping in our communities in different ways. Well, that is a good start. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to non-profits in our community and their impacts.

In addition to all the organizations that you may be familiar with, the NPCC will reach out to hundreds of additional non-profit organizations and many of these organizations will help create a viable sense of community by providing arts, culture and history. Many non-profits are community organizations designed to assist the communities they are based in with a variety of needs based programs to those that need it most. Still others focus on important community services such as medical needs or education. Some like the NPCC are dedicated to helping businesses, non-profit organizations and churches succeed and, at the same time, providing a voice for them at the local, regional, state and even national level.

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The NPCC also keeps in mind that some of our largest employers across our nation are the non-profit organizations in and around our own communities; some that you may think of off the top of your head are school districts and numerous recreation districts and metropolitan districts.  The NPCC will work to unite as many non-profit organizations in communities across the country as possible to provide a balance effort to provide services, to helping solve problems in our communities, to create new innovative and better technology, to find medical cures and increase our knowledge base, and in all this provide economical growth and benefits to everyone in our communities.

The fact is the NPCC’s vibrant non-profit community contributes to help make our communities special places. Together, the non-profit community helps enhance the quality of life for our residents and help to enhance the quality of those who visit our communities. They create jobs, service those that need assistance and make the community a better place. Just looking over the list of nonprofits across our country is simply impressive. Who knew there was so much going on in the background?

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Outside of writing a check, what can NPCC members like you and others do to assist these non-profits that do so much for our community? Consider giving your time.  The NPCC Partnerships, with support from are soon to be published NPCC Volunteer Guide will help you learn more about all the non-profits in the region and to help promote volunteerism. We’re doing our best to increase the awareness of our non-profit community and their volunteer needs.  In fact the NPCC is happy to present the NPCC RewardsNOW Program.  This program will turn your volunteer hours into actual credits that can be spent at any of our NPCC small business member’s locations for products or services.  What an awesome way to not only obtain products or services at a discounted rate, but also to encourage us to be a part of the solutions in the communities we live in.

1104 - 4 - Words Faith Hope and Charity on a Chaulk BoardThe NPCC through its signature program called the RewardsNOW Program, helping non-profits connect with residents, visitors and other non-profits in the same area. The NPCC will be a leading source for volunteer engagement in our communities; this will allow our non-profit partners to cultivate volunteers. This is only one of the reasons that your favorite non-profit organization should join the NPCC today.

The Volunteer RewardsNOW Program is only one of the benefits that we provide to our non-profit community, as they are an essential part of our community and an essential part of our business community. It’s an important part of our mission to be the leader in sustaining & enhancing the healing and value of our communities and as a place to do business by contributing to the identity and economic well-being of those same communities. Non-profit organizations play an important role in the economic well-being of our community, and volunteers play a big part in the daily operations of our non-profit community. Your non-profit organization should join with the NPCC immediately so that a more effective and powerful affect can be carried out.

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Here are several other reasons that your non-profit organization should join the NPCC today:

  • NPCC will provide an additional marketing and advertising avenue to increase name recognition and awareness of your activities and urgent needs.

  • You would be able to schedule one of our Non-profit luncheons that help generate awareness and cultivate valuable relationships with leaders in the community.

  • Your organization would qualify for less-expensive health insurance and business insurance and many other products and services available to NPCC members through our many co-op programs. Your organization would have access to any number or our local events where you might set up a booth and promote your upcoming fund raiser or event.

  • You’ll meet good, reliable sources for products and services like accounting, printing, computer support, etc.

  • You’ll be referred to other NPCC’s contacts.

  • You have a good chance of meeting local retailers who may be interested in becoming involved in assisting you in carrying out your mission.

  • You’ll have an opportunity of joint ventures with the NPCC and other non-profits in the area, such as cooperative advertising or an NPCC annual fundraiser that is geared toward your organization‘s mission.

  • Your organizations name can be associated with improving our communities, since the NPCC generally works on civic improvement, legislation favoring local businesses, and economic development.

  • You may have access to mentors who can help you develop your business; or you may be able to serve as a mentor to someone else.

1104 - 6 - Hands planting a garden - Be united in a common causeWe hope you will take a moment and join the NPCC today.  If you are an individual looking for a place to serve your community, get engaged, give your time, get involved. It helps our non-profits, which in turn helps our community. And chances are, you’ll have fun doing it.

Are you an organization in the area and are wondering what can your group do to help? If you benefit from these community efforts and value the networking and other benefits offered to members, get off the sidelines and join the NPCC Varsity TEAM. The NPCC Varsity TEAM are organizations in and around our communities that truly see the value of a strong, healthy and vibrant community and know the critical role that non-profits play in this.  If you are already a member, tell your neighbors to join to help us do even more in our community.

As always, the NPCC encourages all member organizations to get engaged with the Varsity TEAM and to contact us with any suggestions you may have to help us better serve you and for non-members to join the NPCC as soon as possible. 

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