Non Member Charitable Giving

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The Non-Members giving program of the NPCC makes charitable giving simple. They can participate with easy through our program known as RewardsNOW”.  It connects you to the important causes that mean the most to you from health and human services, to education, the environment and much more.

Access to hundreds of worthy churches and organizations that will partner with the NPCC makes RewardsNOW an exciting opportunity for helping.  The online portion of RewardsNOW makes charitable giving easier than ever. As always when helping through the NPCC, your documented goods, services (by the Hour) and funds donated are all tax-deductible and you’ll receive an e-mail receipt for your records.

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  • Choose multiple ways to donate

  • Give to one or more church charity and nonprofit organization

  • Donate dollars with your Credit Card

  • Redeem RewardsNOW points when to making a donation

  • Set up recurring donations

  • Spread your donation out over the year

Best of all, donating online helps churches and nonprofit organizations reduce administrative costs so that they can do more with the money you give.

Find your favorite local Church or Charitable Organization

You can search for local churches or charitable organizations by name, keywords, location, or from an extensive list of popular categories such as community improvement programs, performing arts, education, health care, housing, public safety, international human rights, youth development, disaster relief, religious organizations, and much more. See full financial reports, mission statements, contacts, and other important information regarding the individual organizations.

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NPCC, a strategic solution…

If you care about churches and nonprofits and the work they do, then you’re affected by what the NPCC does—even if this is your first visit to our website. You see, we gather and publicize information about churches and nonprofit organizations. Our reach is far and wide. Our databases are broad and deep.

We encourage churches and nonprofits to share information about their organizations openly and completely. Any nonprofit in our database can update its report with information about its mission, programs, leaders, goals, accomplishments, and needs—for free. We combine the information that nonprofits supply with data from several other sources.

You’ll find NPCC data: on this Web site on our many client Web sites in computer applications used by funding entities and private companies who work with nonprofits.  If you’re new to NPCC, search the site to find the churches and nonprofits information you need—it’s free! You’ll get even more information if you complete our membership form, join and log in!

Why are we so passionate about churches and nonprofit information? Because the best possible decisions are made when donors, funders, researchers, educators, professional service providers, governing agencies, and the media use the quality information that we provide; those decisions affect our world today and will continue to affect it for generations to come.

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We have an ambitious plan for long-term sustainability that combines public and philanthropic support with earned revenue. Non-member giving to continue our services provides important financial support for our work each year; they make up a percent of our total revenue that in key. The remaining percent of our operating revenue comes from our membership programs, program-related grants, and events. As a public charity, providing church and nonprofit information to a broad audience and to those users is an important part of our public service, is a service that we pledge to continue.

We hope you’ll connect with churches and nonprofits through our site and support their good work. If you like what you find through the NPCC, we’d also love for you or your organization to join our team and become a member.

Double and Triple your charity efforts

In an effort to encourage Non-member giving, the NPCC has developed a program where individuals, churches or organizations can double there contribution efforts.  In addition to doubling contribution drives, churches and organizations can use this program as a fundraising vehicle.

Many non-members are very excited about our non-member contribution program RewardsNOW.  We encourage you to check this awesome program out.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Briefly, here is a little bit about the program

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RewardsNOW -Earn points for your Contributions

You can earn valuable reward points for the dollar value of goods, services or funding that you donate. You will also have the capability of tracking your donations for tax time.

Each year the NPCC, Inc. will publish a RewardsNOW Catalog with many fine products and services form our NPCC membership.  Each product or service will show you it’s cost in the actual dollar amount and the actual RewardsNOW points.  You may purchase anything using only dollars, or only RewardsNOW points or a combination of both.  Each year the RewardsNOW Catalog will be very EXCITING!

     RewardsNOW — Churches, Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

You can reach high-value donors online by joining RewardsNOW, even if your church or organization doesn’t accept online donations right now. You will be able to partner with RewardsNOW to create an online fundraising tool that makes it easy for churches and nonprofit organizations to attract new donors, accept online contributions and keep track of contributors’ activity. There are no enrollment fees, and you can be up and running in just a few steps.


To enroll now!

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  And start saving your RewardsNOW points!