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Prepare for the big race.  The NPCC is launching a national campaign to provide scholarships for Active duty, Retired, and Veteran families in need.  Our goal is $350,000 in 24 months.  We are honored to be served by these individuals of such integrity and bravery, so, we want to help.  When looking over our upcoming events please look for the emblem below.  When you see this emblem you will know that a portion of the proceeds from that event will be going toward meeting our goal.  If you wish to donate directly to help us reach our goal, simply mark your assistance: for the “On Your Mark, Get Set, HELP” initiative. Coming to communities across our nation soon!  Thank you for your continued support!


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To JOIN NOW! as an Active Duty, Retired or Veteran Division Member Simply complete the Membership Forms at the bottom of the appropriate page.

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Thank you for visiting the Active Duty, Retired and Veteran Division section of our website.  It is our Goal that each of you, your immediate family members and your extended family members register and become an NPCC Active Duty, Retired or Veteran Division Member.  This section is designed to share a brief vision that the NPCC has for you as an Active Duty, Retired or Veteran member, your immediate family members or your extended family members.  Also, we would like you to know exactly were the NPCC stands on the respect for, care for, help for, and honor for you and your family.

Many of you know or will soon know the challenges of coming home and facing the prospect of the transition period and know first hand how difficult some days are or will be. When many of you returned home or will be coming home, you will face a dismal economy, and cost cutting measures due to this slow economy will, in most cases, make the transition to your civilian life far more difficult.

Veteran's Division Photo 2There are many who are trying to make a real difference for each of you as our country’s Veterans and active duty members; however, many of your requests and pleas today seem to have fallen on deaf ears at times. The NPCC is not the type of organization that will give up, we will continue to work very hard to get the attention of those that believe they can help, we WILL NOT let responses like; “there is no money for such undertaking” or “you should seek private funding” stand in our way! The NPCC will NEVER FORGET that we are very PROUD of each of you that make up our Nation’s Active Duty, Retired and Veteran personnel and that all of you make up 45% of the population and each of you have or are playing a critical role in keeping yourselves, your families and the other 55% of us safe and free. We WILL NOT let any one of you out there go fend for yourselves.  The NPCC will make sure you not only hear us say thank you for your service, but you will see, feel and live our thanks for your service.                                                                                                            

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The NPCC will always take note of history and we will learn everything that we can from it.  Calvin Coolidge once said, “A nation which forgets its defenders will itself soon be forgotten”.  According to NPCC’s research, in the last few years there has been about 900,000 active-duty military personnel that have or will be coming home and will basically be cut loose. That’s 900,000 more Americans facing the prospect of looking for work in a marketplace that is not very strong.  The NPCC understands that the challenges that you may have faced as a part of war now become your challenges of transitioning to civilian life with your family and friends. 

Veteran's Division Photo 8Everyone of our NPCC members understands that what makes your plight so much more unbearable is that many of you are or will be coming home with physical and mental wounds and many of you will need months, if not, years of rehabilitation and physical therapy, while at the same time you will be trying to re-learn that sense of intimacy with your families; learn how to communicate in what, to many of you, may seem like a whole new world.  You have had to or will have to learn new skills, and figure out how to start all over again. As an NPCC Active Duty, Retired or Veteran Division Member you will help form a very powerful force for help, respect and future security for not only you and your family, but also for all Active duty, Retired or Veteran personnel and their families.

Many of you enlisted to make the military your career and those of you with 10,12, 16 years of service may be in a situation where you have to watch while your once planned for retirement program may be thrown under the bus along with any one you who will need long-term assistance.                                                                                                               

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The NPCC truly understands that each of you that make up the 28 million Veterans and even more Active Duty and Retired members signed on for the greater good, even if many of you were drafted. You took that step of faith, when duty called. Each one of you gave or is still giving to us as a Nation in many different ways and some gave the ultimate sacrifice so each of us that make up America could continue to live in the best Nation on earth. The NPCC will be here to help each of you and your families whether you are currently or will be weathering any type of life storm.  We will also continue to work hard to find answers and real solutions to daily questions and problems that you and your family may be asking or dealing with.

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 Some of the programs, benefits and areas of assistance we will be either providing directly or joining forces with other NPCC Non-Profit Organization Members to provide are:

–Tuition Assistance

–Education and Training

–Employment Development

–Benefits through NPCC Membership and Co-Ops

–Family Support (Child Care, etc.)

–Caregiver Support (Senior Services, etc.)

–Physical and Mental Heath Assistance

–Fitness and Therapy Assistance

–Homeless Assistance

–Transportation and Travel Assistance

–Life Basics – Food, Clothing, & Shelter

Veteran's Division Photo 9Please, each of us must join together and be a part of  the NPCC’s fight for all of you and your families.  Becoming an NPCC Active Duty, Retired or Veteran Division Member is simple and will be one of the most important steps that you or one of your family members can take. The NPCC Active Duty, Retired or Veteran Division Membership dues can be submitted annually at a very affordable $75.00 for an entire year or you can submit a very low recurring monthly due of only $7.81.  So, each of you and your family members can join the Division right away for as little $7.81.  The NPCC was not built to make money, we were built to join together and work hard, making positive differences in each of our member’s daily lives.

Complete the NPCC Active Duty, Retired, or Veteran Division Membership Application and submit either your annual or monthly dues below.                                                                                                 Veteran's Division Photo 5Veteran's Division Photo 6








To become an NPCC Military Individual Member simply go to the Military Individual Membership Page that best fits you, complete and submit the Membership Form at the bottom of the page and submit your Membership Dues.  It is that simple.  Any Military individual can begin to receive all the NPCC benefits for as little as $7.81.

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(Membership Dues:   Annual = $75.00   and   Monthly = $7.81)

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