Member Charitable Giving

NPCC, Inc. has a proud history of supporting communities. That spirit has been part of our culture since we opened our doors 20 years ago, and we’ll continue to be responsible and active members of our communities because it’s part of who we are.

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Annual Community Support Campaigns

Our members are leaders. They give their time to teach management skills, build homes, mentor youth, fund-raise and serve churches and on nonprofit boards throughout our communities.  Since we began, our members recorded many volunteer hours and we have recently developed an awesome Volunteer Time tracking tool. This is equivalent to giving a lot of dollars to support our communities.  Since, well, you know, “time is money”.  In fact, the Independent Sector’s 2011 Dollar Value of a Volunteer Hour stated that each hour that a volunteer works is equal to about $21.79.

To provide an example of how we are determined to improve communities, the NPCC, Inc. will match our individual members’ contributions to eligible schools and educational foundations dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000 per member, per calendar year. This alone, will allow our members to magnify their support to educational institutions as they give through the NPCC, Inc. Matching Gifts Campaign. Each year NPCC, Inc. will also provide the chance for members to raise money for there fellow members by selecting one non-profit and one church of their choice in their local areas. For many years, the NPCC, Inc. has lead the way in this area providing passion and really making a difference. In addition, our members continue to give to nonprofits and churches throughout the year. To date members have made a huge difference with their own work and funds to nonprofits and churches.

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One of the most important contributions our members make each year is using their professional skills and knowledge to help nonprofits and churches with business and organizational projects such as building a website, fundraising or training volunteers. We know many members across our nation will be serving on church and nonprofit boards and committees. This is how we often find out about projects and organizations that need funding or other support. It’s a critical part of our grassroots community giving strategy. We also support individual and group members volunteering through the following programs:

Local Volunteer Teams

These community-involvement networks support team member-led volunteer initiatives. Organized in local markets, Local Volunteer Teams give team members the opportunity to create “volunteer teams” that make a positive impact on in their local communities and they align perfectly with who we are.

 Volunteer Team Awards

The NPCC, Inc. will annually issue awards, through our Volunteer Team Awards and Funds for your Future programs, many of our members will be able to take advantage of additional funding in NPCC, Inc. grants to churches and nonprofits where team members volunteer. Since our founding, the concept of Volunteer Team Awards has encouraged our member volunteers and will provided valuable support for churches and nonprofits in communities across the country.

Volunteer PTO (Paid Time Off) Awards

The NPCC, Inc. developed a program that will recognize our team members who give their time and service to causes that are important to them. The NPCC, Inc. will give members the opportunity to take up to four months off work, with full pay and benefits, to volunteer with a church or nonprofit organization or either a public or private K-12 school of their choice. We provide this support because we recognize the value of our member volunteers in helping solve social problems and in contributing to the long-term sustainability of our churches and nonprofits where they work.

1021 - 4 - Teacher reads to studentsForever Read

The NPCC, Inc. plans to help members who wish to participate in Forever Read Programs, NPCC’s will provide this interactive read-aloud program designed to support early childhood, adult literacy and increase company volunteerism. Through the program, more than volumes of books will be read and donated to prekindergarten through second grade classroom libraries. WOW! Now that will excite a community!

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Food for All

The NPCC, Inc. will unite all food banks that currently exist in a community and help to better and more efficiently make available food for those in need.  Hunger in our country is on the rise and the NPCC, Inc. will be providing this opportunity for its members to reach out and see immediate results and happiness knowing that hunger is met with not only food but a loving and caring hand.  This is program works hand in hand with our “Teach to Fish” partner program.

Gift to “Wear”

What a gift it is when someone in need of clothes receives what they needed and much more.  The NPCC, Inc. will provide the assistance of fine people and companies everywhere to make sure that those in communities across our nation receive the clothing assistance that they need.   This program will also work hand in hand with our “Teach to Fish” partner program.

We thank all our members for their continued support as we continue to strive to multiply the care, passion and help for better stronger communities.





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