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Becoming a Member is very simple.

Here at the NPCC we want to join together with as many Concerned Citizens, Students, both Veteran and Active Duty Division Members, Churches, Non-Profit Organizations, Small Businesses and State or Federal Institutions to form a powerful and effective team to provide HELP like it has never been seen before.   Communities everywhere are excited about the NPCC coming to their area.  With your help we WILL be there soon.  Join the fight TODAY, it is a very low cost investment that when brought together as one force can make a real difference.  Here is how to become a Member. Please do not put this off, join today:

We would like for everyone to consider becoming a CHARTER MEMBER. Either go to one of our membership pages under the membership tab above…or simply CLICK on one of the membership pages below and complete your membership application at the bottom of the page.

Your community is looking forward to your membership…Join today.


Individual Members:

Concerned Citizens


Active Duty Military

Veteran Military

Retired Military

Retired Citizens

Household Members:


Active Duty Military Families

Veteran Military Families

Retired Military Families

College Roommates



Organization Members:


Non Profits 

Small Businesses

Private Institutions

State or Federal Institutions

Event Vendors

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