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HM 1You have arrived at our “Household Members” section.  In this section you will learn about each of our Household Memberships.  You may wonder what sets this type of Membership a part from the others.  Well, that’s easy and you may have already figured it out.  Each of our “Household Memberships” is made up of individuals that actually live in the same household or “under the same roof”.  From our simple “Family Membership” to our “Fraternity Membership” the membership is made up of 2 or more individuals living together. The NPCC holds the exclusive on this concept.  A household being able to become a member as one force.  WOW! what a concept!  First it makes sense financially, for example, instead of four individuals from a family paying $75.00 each for their annual membership dues for a total of $300.00 per year.  Under a Household membership the “Family Membership” the family annual membership dues would simply be $125.00.  That comes to $31.25 per year and that is a huge savings.  All with exactly the same NPCC benefits.  You know that there is strength in numbers.

Family MembershipCT  SC-FAM-WIN-WIN-3C 0710 E

The long-range future of our communities is intimately linked with the well-being of families, for the family is the most basic form of human community.  Efficiency and competition in the marketplace must be moderated by greater concern for the way work schedules and compensation either support or threaten the bonds between spouses and between parents and children.

The NPCC will always take daring steps to create structures of participation, mutual accountability, and widely distributed power to ensure the political rights and freedoms of all. We believe that these steps are needed today to expand economic participation, broaden the sharing of economic power, and make economic decisions more accountable to the common good. 

The NPCC Family Members will help develop this by insuring a couple of important things- 1) people should not be hindered from attaining development in accordance with  their own culture and, 2) through mutual cooperation, all peoples should be able  to become the principal architects of their own economic and social development.

The NPCC will provide the assistance that a family needs to move toward a more fulfilled family life and one that in turn will help that same family begin to turn their focus from their day to day issues to the issues of others.  When this begins to happen, every family wins.  Check out our Family Members Section and JOIN NOW! Duty Military Family Membership

Active Duty Military Families from your local NPCC will provide much needed HELP not only on military installations, such as, VA hospitals throughout our communities, but also, in many civilian settings and events that will help to meet peoples needs.

It is their way of saying thank-you to our communities everywhere for your prayers, support and care.  The opportunity for volunteers to meet the many needs of our communities include, but are not limited to:

  • Transporting patients to and from treatment sessions

  • Working in libraries, bringing magazines, books, and comfort items to patients

  • Providing companionship and personal services to patients

  • Working in hospital offices, laboratories and at information desks

  • Raising funds to support both Active Duty Military families and other families in our communities in need.

  • Participating in outreach opportunities in community-based organizations , churches and other civic organizations.

  • Both youth and adults can volunteer on a regularly scheduled basis or on an occasional basis working on special projects. Youth volunteers are especially welcome and are offered the same opportunities as adults. Regardless of how one serves, being able to reach out to these men and women has special rewards.

Check out our Active Duty Military Family Membership Section and JOIN NOW!

Veteran Military MembershipHM 4

The NPCC will support and actively participate in helping Veteran Military Families not only help other Veteran Military Families but also design and create programs that provide help to our civilian communities as well. Since it began in 1992 the NPCC has had a history of not only supporting our Military but also giving Veteran Families an opportunity to HELP. Today, we are beginning to enlist volunteers across our nation who will serve thousands of hours annually at various Medical centers, community-based outpatient centers, nursing homes, state veterans homes and other facilities that support veterans.

In every Medical center both Veteran and Civilian, NPCC Members attend quarterly hospital meetings and coordinate volunteers and donation needs lists with their local posts. Anyone can volunteer. Our Veteran Military Family Members ultimately decide where they want to serve and how they want to do it. Service can be regular or on occasion.

In the constantly evolving environment of Health-care delivery, everyone has an array of opportunities to volunteer in their own way. In many hospitals and other places where volunteers are needed, volunteers can provide administrative support, escort patients, help develop NPCC Veterans Assistance Projects as needed, or be a food court ambassador, coffee server, information desk worker or shuttle driver.

For information about getting started check out the NPCC Veteran Military Family Membership section.  JOIN NOW!

HM 5Retired Military Membership

The NPCC Military Family Division will be staffed and operated by volunteer retired military that assist other retired members, their families and survivors to receive entitled services and benefits. The local Volunteer Director will be happy to assist you. Through the NPCC monthly newsletter and the NPCC web site, seminars and appreciation days and supports quality of life issues throughout the retirement years to their fellow service members.

The NPCC Retired Military Family Volunteer Programs; What are your family’s skills? What are your family’s interests? Do you know there are places in your community…schools, hospitals, social service organizations…that are looking for families like yours to help? We encourage all Retired Military Families to join the NPCC Retired and Senior Military Volunteer Programs and put your families experience, love and passion to work.

A recent NPCC Community Service study stated, “People who volunteer not only help their communities, but reap mental and physical health benefits as well.”

The NPCC also reported that, “Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who don’t volunteer.

“Volunteer Families often experience the upbeat feeling referred to as ‘helper’s high,’ along with increased trust in others and increased social and political participation.  In addition the NPCC found that “Older adults along with their families tend to receive greater benefits from volunteering than other age groups do.” If this sounds interesting, and you and your family have the time, check out the NPCC Retired Military Family Membership section and JOIN NOW!

Sorority MembershipsHM 6

The life of a NPCC Sorority Member offers you the chance to gain exposure to worthwhile charitable organizations, develop a personal philosophy for giving back and earn community service hours that are required by many universities. Every NPCC United States Division group of sororities will have at least one national and international project that it supports through fundraising efforts and hands-on service experiences.

Each year NPCC sororities will contribute funds needed to hundreds of community projects and donate thousands of community service hours to important causes. These figures reflect the tremendous difference that sorority women make in the world.

In addition to the national and international initiatives sponsored by NPCC sororities, many chapters are committed to making a difference to their universities and surrounding communities. Assisting with freshman move-in day, executing neighborhood clean-ups and raising funds for local beautification projects are just a few examples of projects sorority women participate in to make a difference in their communities.

The positive acts of passionate giving experiences gained by sorority women as undergraduates provide a great foundation for these women to have a long-term commitment to volunteerism and charitable giving.

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Giving back is a significant part of being a sorority woman.  Check out or Sorority Membership Section and JOIN NOW!

HM 7Fraternity Memberships

Giving back to the community through your NPCC Fraternity Membership will make a huge difference in and around your campus. Sound generosity is a key element to Greek life on any campus. Whether you’re collecting can goods for hungry families in your college town or hosting a fundraiser for a trusted organization or Church, it’s important to show the campus community that you care.

Why Fraternity HELP is critical

Participating enthusiastically in your NPCC Fraternity Membership giving back is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it benefits the recipients of your charity, whether that’s an underprivileged child, the local food pantry or a disaster relief fund. Fraternity HELP also helps to promote the reputation of your organization and Greek life as a whole on campus in general. Too many people who aren’t familiar with fraternity life think of Greek life in terms of the movie, “Animal House.” As you know, while funny, it’s not a very accurate portrayal.

Lastly, it’s corny, but true: giving back feels good. Anyone who’s participated in their NPCC Fraternity Membership knows the feeling of goodwill that comes from giving something back to the community.

One example of how to make your NPCC Fraternity Charity Event the Best ever

Hosting a charity event doesn’t have to be a drag. You’ll also get more participation from your brothers if you make the event a little fun. You can do this in several ways. Inviting a campus sorority to co-host your fraternity’s NPCC Give Back Event will likely spark some interest with your brothers. What’s more: the girls might just have one or two good ideas.

You can also incorporate a little charity work into your regular events. If you’re hosting a Friday night party, make the suggested admission price a canned good for the local NPCC food pantry or some loose change for an NPCC children’s organization event.

Making fraternity generosity personal can help to raise the level of house commitment.  Check the section on the NPCC Fraternity Membership and JOIN NOW!

To begin your NPCC Household Membership simply go to the Household Membership Page that best fits you, complete and submit the Membership Form at the bottom of the page and submit your Membership Dues.  It is that simple.  Any Household can begin to take advantage of all the NPCC benefits for as little as $13.02.

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