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The NPCC is not only a overwhelmingly positive impact on the lives of High School Students, but it is also an all around financial positive for High School Students!

Here is the current breakdown:

        NPCC High School Student                                           Value or Average

           Membership Benefits                                                Savings per month                             Per Year


***Access to all NPCC Mobile Apps                                        $ 12.95  –   V                              $155.40  –  V

***Access to all NPCC Co-Ops

        – Verizon –Unlimited Everything                                       $30.00  –  AS                             $360.00 – AS

        – NPCC Online Products and Services                             $ 12.00  –  AS                             $144.00  – AS

***Access to the NPCC Intern Program                                $  19.95  –   V                              $239.40  – V

***Access to the NPCC “RewardsNOW Program           $  15.00  –   V                              $180.00  – V

***Access to the NPCC Community Service

       Hours for College Program                                                $  12.95  –   V                             $155.40  –  V

***Access to the 100% Private –                                             $  24.95  –   V                             $299.40  –  V

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 (Never any ads and your daily lives, choices and all of your life information will not be sold or exploited as all the others currently do.)

***Many other benefits to be added each year…


       Total of the current NPCC benefits for

        High School Students                                                    $ 127.80  – V&AS                   $1,533.60 – V&AS


        NPCC High School Charter Membership               $     7.81          or                      $     75.00



MDrive 6In more and more High Schools across our country community service is often a requirement for graduation, not to mention critical to the college application process. Universities look for community service experience from applicants, so showing that you have community service hours from a national non profit community organization is a way to set yourself above the rest on a college application.

High School students can usually apply their time volunteering in and around their communities specifically designed to meet any community service requirements for high school or university graduation. If you intend to do this, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with us well before your project start date so that we can coordinate with your school or university.

NPCC Dollars and Credits for Service Hours: How Does it Work?

On most NPCC High School Summer Projects, students will work for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. This totals 40 hours for a 2-week NPCC High School Project and 80 hours for one 4-week NPCC High School Project.

If you are planning on using this experience to receive credit for community service, please tell us on your exactly how many hours of work you will need to do, and if there are any other requirements that you will need to meet.

 Upon completing any of the NPCC programs, you will receive a certificate verifying your participation in a High School Project and recognizing your volunteer work or internship experience. In most cases all you need to do is show this certificate to your school or university to receive credit for community service hours.1115 - 7 - 3 Young People Drinking Coffee and looking at a Book

 If your school requires a form to be completed and signed by the NPCC, just bring the form to your local NPCC representative or staff member and they would be happy to fill it out at the completion of your service or intern project.

 Also, at any time, you may send any additional paper work that may be required to your local NPCC representative or staff member for processing. Please make sure you include your full name, project dates and location – as well as information about where to send the completed paperwork.

 If you have more questions about how you can earn community service credits for NPCC High School Projects, please feels free to contact us.


Benefits of Volunteerism in High School

Your years in high school are the perfect time to volunteer. Although it may seem difficult to find the time to volunteer some time toward a cause that offers no (monetary) payment in return, the benefits you’ll draw from the experience may end up being worth more than what you make working that part-time job.

Whether you’re a freshman or senior, it’s never too late to look into volunteer gigs – although if you’d like to use your community service experiences as leverage on a college application, the sooner the better! Your local NPCC has come up with some benefits of volunteerism in high school below to get you to think about some good things about volunteering that you may not have considered otherwise.


1035a - Community working on a New Playground1) Impress Admissions Officials

There are a lot of high school students applying to college with impressive academic records. The GPAs and standardized test scores start to matter less especially when you’re applying to the more selective schools that include cut-offs when it comes to their admissions requirements. You’re then up against thousands of applicants with those same academic credentials. How do you stand out? What you choose to do outside of the classroom matters, whether that’s play sports, work a part-time job, or volunteer your time in the community.

NPCC volunteerism is a great way to show admissions officials that you not only care about the community, but are able to manage your time well enough to balance a volunteer job with your other commitments. This doesn’t mean you should volunteer all of your time, or spread yourself thin by volunteering for several different organizations. But a sustained commitment to a cause throughout your time in high school or a volunteer position that you have been able to maintain for a longer period of time will look impressive to admission officials.


2) Get Involved Outside of School1030 - School High School Group of young friends having fun

Getting involved in some NPCC volunteer work may lead you to meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise, especially if your community service takes place off of school grounds. Lots of high school students focus on extracurricular activities related to their schools – the sports, music, and after-school clubs that make time management an art. There’s a lot of value in getting involved outside of your school, though. The more people you meet, especially while doing something worthwhile like volunteering with the NPCC, the more contacts you’ll have when you’re ready to move on from high school and apply to colleges, internships, and even jobs after you graduate from a university. If you’re one of those high school students who already know what your intended field of study will be once you’re in college, try finding NPCC volunteer opportunities in those areas. For example, if you like the idea of becoming a lawyer, find a NPCC legal aid clinic to work for.

There’s no reason your volunteer experience shouldn’t help you in your future endeavors.


High School Students Volunteering3) Earn Academic Credit and Scholarships

Some high schools, especially those with career-based curriculums or religious affiliations will require that you fulfill a certain number of volunteer hours in order to graduate. Others will reward you for choosing to do some volunteer work on your own with academic credit. If your school offers service-learning as a part of their curriculum, you could be eligible for some academic or extra credit if you volunteer your time or get involved with a community service project. This kind of programming is growing in popularity, so make sure to ask your guidance office about volunteer opportunities offered by your school.

You may already know community service scholarships are one of the more common scholarship categories out there. Those awards are by no means reserved for college students. In fact, there are more community service scholarships available to high school students looking for funding to help pay for that first year on campus. If you have a history of volunteerism, make sure you consider that in both your scholarship search and scholarship application process. Admissions officials aren’t the only people you can impress with that kind of experience. Scholarship administrators like community service records as well.  Click on the NPCC Community Service Scholarship Listing ICON below and take a look at the hundreds of Community Service Scholarships that you may qualify for.


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