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FP 7There are plenty of movies that portray Greek life as party central, with students focusing more on having fun than actually studying. Though socializing is a key component to being a NPCC Fraternity brother, this rumor is a generalization and does not necessarily apply. If your student approaches you about joining Greek life, but you have your doubts, then it is essential to know the benefits they would gain by joining a fraternity. Have confidence that the NPCC has harnessed all the amazing positive characteristics of the Greek life on campus and have added a silver lining to an already almost perfect organization.

NPCC Networking — once a student graduates, they will have a lifelong bond with individuals from their fraternity. Many of their friends will move across the country or even the world, so students would have friends in all different locations. This scenario is beneficial if students choose to relocate after graduation to a new city, where individuals from their pledge class are living too.

FP 4NPCC Diversity — students come from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds, and many of these students will pledge a fraternity. Students will be surrounded by other students from all these different backgrounds, immersing them in diversity and helping them make friends with an assortment of individuals.

NPCC Philanthropy — many fraternities take part in volunteering and giving a helping hand to those in need. Not only do they volunteer but also many pledge classes will host lively fundraisers to raise money for organizations and help get students and those in the community excited to help out.

FP 2NPCC Support — students wish that their loved ones could always be there for them, but when they have moved away to college they can be confident now that the NPCC will provide the support they will need on campus, as well. Whether students experiences a stressful day or awful breakup, there will be challenges faced in college and the brothers in their NPCC pledge class will always be there to give their support. Many NPCC pledge classes will go above, and beyond to cheer up a pledge if they are feeling down. So you can feel at ease to know they are in good hands.

When NPCC Fraternity Members consider pledging for a fraternity, we are there if needed in the experience with them. When you do the research about the different fraternities on campus and learn the fundamentals and guidelines they follow.

When people think of Fraternities, the first thing that comes to mind is not always career skills. I’d say themed mixers, cattiness, the movie “Animal House” and lots of pizza and parties among other things that may possibly come to mind before job success. But actually NPCC Fraternities are a great place to learn certain skills that will carry you through the rest of your career.

FP 3A huge one is networking. A big component of NPCC Fraternity Life is the social aspect and though a concert may not seem like the most serious thing at the time, it is actually a great launching pad for being an expert networker. NPCC experts have said, “This may seem like just socializing…as I thought of it in the fraternity but it’s so much more than that. When I work with someone who is reluctant to run a meeting or join their trade association I am reminded of those skills I learned early on in a friendly environment of Fraternity brothers.” We talked to many men who say their fraternity experiences gave them amazing networking skills. Here is what they will learn:

  • Treat your contacts seriously

  • You learn how to talk to anyone

  • Not everyone will look and act likes you.

FP 6By dealing with different personalities, they will learn how to collaborate with members who I may not personally like. The bottom line was the betterment of the chapter and the NPCC Fraternity not letting personality differences hinder our goal as a group. They will learn how to intermingle with all members within our chapter in order for us to implement programs and/or events. As a result of their NPCC Fraternity life, they will also learn that during networking they must remain focused and stay professional. They must portray an image of a team player not a soloist.

The NPCC Fraternity Member will learn how to walk the walk

They have to dress the part and the NPCC Fraternity definitely must have rules to make sure each member looked their best when it counted. Some of the members will always remember struggling, at times, with shyness in certain social situations like a party, but they just tell themselves to think of this party like rush and start rushing anyone that they meet. It usually works and they have to think that they met some interesting people along the way.

Finally, you learn how to be careful of what you say.  Watch what you say at all times because you never know who is listening. Living in an NPCC Fraternity house with about 30 other guys; we all shared a huge bathroom area. You can sometimes overhear way too many comments spoken by someone who did not realize the target of their comment was within ear shot. Some people never learned, but many certainly learn from their mistakes. Same thing goes in the break room, at the park and in a restaurant. You never know who is within hearing range. So, it is always good to practice the NPCC Fraternity Motto which is, be kind and avoid using names when at all possible. It’s difficult to network with others when you are known to spread gossip or unkindness.

FP 5NPCC Fraternity Membership brings – Career Networking

NPCC Fraternity membership is for a lifetime. One of the greatest benefits that comes with being a member of the NPCC community are the relationships you make with Former Students, providing many opportunities for career networking and mentoring, not only with your initial job search but also throughout your career. Football games, chapter anniversary dinners, conferences, conventions, and other events foster interaction with alumni. Alumni/graduate chapters located throughout the nation provide opportunities for continued involvement after graduation. Because their NPCC Fraternity experience was so meaningful, many Former Students “give back” to their organization by volunteering their time on a chapter advisory board, housing corporations’ board, or as a regional or district officer.

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