EP 4Participating in meaningful NPCC Community Service Events is a tradition communities across our nation are looking forward to starting.  Community Service Events engage thousands of students, faculty, staff and community members and have resulted in thousands of hours of service to community partners in communities just like yours.

You can be a part of this tradition and make a difference in our community by joining us for the next NPCC Community Service Events held in your area.

Whether you’re just starting out, or trying to expand your Church, Organization, or Business, being involved in an NPCC Community Events allows you the opportunity for your good works to be helpful in your community have several benefits. First, it raises your visibility, and it does so while associating you with something your community values and holds in esteem. Plus, getting involved in a Community Service Event is a selfless act of giving to others, caring for someone or something enough to physically be there for them, enhances your sense of belonging.

EP 7You can run your life, your Church, your organization or your business on a win-win approach. For example, as part of the NPCC’s HELP message and a Comprehensive Certification we created a program called HELP in the Community. This is our public service good works training. The HELP in the Community program provides suitable circumstances to accomplish three important goals: provide people with the opportunity to HELP, maybe for the first time, educate them about the benefits of HELP therapy; and connect themselves and you, your Church, your Organization or your Business and to something the community values, hard work and help.EP 6

HELP in the Community has a simple proposition: We want to help those in need whenever we can by providing for populations who can benefit by the HELP. Some examples are shelters for abused individuals, retirement homes and emergency medical support services in times of disasters and emergencies. We also help individuals or specific programs to raise funds that go directly to the specified cause. When properly orchestrated, these opportunities present benefits for not only the recipient of the HELP, but also, for you, your Church, your Organization, or your Business.  Check out the entire NPCC Event Section.  Reach for the next level by either getting involved with an already scheduled event or contact us to begin your own Community Service Event.

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