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Banquet SponsorshipIf your company has ever sponsored an event, you probably know when a Sponsorship is really going to bring your company desired results.  Each Sponsor of any event plays a critical role in the success of the event. While the NPCC realizes that our Event Sponsors will certainly help with generating working capital and help to get the word out, they will also help with the overall production of the event. The reality is, the NPCC makes sponsoring an event much easier than you may have experienced in the past.  Since, our organization draws from our membership, we have every necessary connection to make any event a success for all involved. We truly understand what it takes for our Sponsors to be completely satisfied with their sponsorship of an NPCC Event.  So, we will provide a perfect blend of an irresistible sponsorship offering mixed with a cutting edge creative thinking process that will boost all efforts of relationship building, whether directly with the NPCC and its membership or simply with the communities where the event will be held.

Here at the NPCC we know that today’s companies are very smart and do not simply give money because an event is going to take place. So we are not surprised that many companies will not sponsor a particular event when they are simply given the details.

Runners from a 10K


Here are the things that your Organization can expect prior to being crowned an NPCC Event Sponsor.  Before the NPCC even thinks of approaching your company regarding sponsorship, the NPCC will never put on “selling” shoes.  We know that this event is a valuable tool and our experience has been that we must be able to see any event through your eyes.  This is the reason why we consistently create irresistible sponsorship offers; we know that it is critical that the NPCC sees things from your point of view.

 Golf Event

On your Companies behalf, here are the steps that we work through prior to every NPCC event:

–What’s in it for our prospective Event Sponsor if they become an NPCC Event Sponsors?

–What is unique about an NPCC Event Sponsorship over others?

–How will an NPCC Event Sponsor be directly engaging the community at the event?

–What kind of monetary and other types of return can an NPCC Event Sponsor see from their sponsorship?

–Does a prospective Sponsor like the proposed event and will the type of people who will be in attendance at the event fit our proposed sponsors target audience?


Concert Event

Only after the NPCC has satisfied each of these questions will we then begin to closely examine an NPCC Event.  This process will lead us to all the optimal answers for your Organization.  We know that after we have worked through these steps and locked in solid and profitable foundations that your company will be excited about becoming an NPCC Event Sponsor.


The NPCC realizes that an Event’s Character and makeup for each Sponsor will be the same yet different.  We understand that each NPCC Event Sponsor is looking for one thing in a sponsorship deal, and that is value. So, the NPCC will make sure that we provide value for your organization, value that your company normally would not be able to easily get somewhere else.

Festival Event

We have experienced that the difference from NPCC Event Sponsor to the another is what the value exactly is.  The NPCC knows that some Sponsors are looking for simply branding and awareness value while others may be looking for ways to establish their authority in the particular community. This is why the NPCC will, in needed, custom tailor our NPCC Event Sponsorship proposal so that we ensure that we meet your goals and provide the value that your organization desires.


Finally, we understand how critical your time is so the NPCC will make finalizing our agreement as easy as possible.  We will finalize your Sponsorship through a short, simple and very easy electronic process.  In closing, I’d encourage you to take the idea of money completely out of your head when creating your sponsorship proposals.

 NPCC Golf Tournament

It is our hope here at the NPCC that we will help you keep the core essence of an NPCC Event Sponsorship at hand.  We will work hard to make an NPCC Event Sponsorship an exciting and enthusiastic overall experience.


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Together we will bring the light of “help” for brighter communities everywhere.