Event Requests

1027 - 1 - Formal Banquet Hall

Special Events:

Special events are very important to the life of Churches, Non-Profit Organizations and Small Businesses.  The reason why they are important may be different for each, but they are vital to any community.  Not only do Special Events provide an opportunity for another stream of revenue, but they also allow a community to become a better force for good. This will eventually turn into an asset for cities and even states.  As a NPCC Member privilege, your event will be included in our weekly or monthly email blast and our newsletter, please indicate this on the “Event Request Form” to let us know that you would like us to promote the event in this way.

1035a - Student Bike Rodeo


The difference between the NPCC and other associations and groups such as Chamber’s of Commerce, is that from each event a very small (pledged by each member) portion will go toward our NPCC “Give Back” program. The “Give Back” program will be there for the times of year that extra funds are legitimately needed by our member organizations.  Those extra needs of your organization that have never been able to be completed or carried out will now be able to be accomplished. Your Organization will more than see a return its very small investment that you would pledge. The NPCC will pull from its vast resources and provide day to day assistance prior to and leading up to the event and we will also provide invaluable networking and advertising for the event.  This will also cut your organizations labor costs in carrying out the event.

So, if you are interested in listing your event on the NPCC Area online calendar? Please fill out the “Event Request Form” with as much information as possible and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.


1027 - 3 - Outdoor Drive In TheaterPossible Events:

Golf Tournaments, Tennis Tournaments, Walk-a Thons, Chili Cook offs, Galas, Celebrity Silent Auction, Car Washes, Bake Sales, Concert Nights, Read-a-thons at a local Mall, Carnivals, Weight Loss Challenges, City Wide 5 Gallon Challenge, Public Officials Basketball Rally, Softball Tournaments, Life Time Sports Challenge, Recycling Challenges, Western Heritage Weekend, Local Festivals, Running, Walking, or Bike Relays, Free Throw-a-thon, 3 on 3 Challenge, Bike-a-thon, Classic Car Show, Motorcycle Show, Baby and Kids Community Resale, Barbeque Cook-off,   Dance-a-thon, Field Days, Bingo Tournaments, Giddy-Up Horse Shows, Harvest Fests, Talent Bonanzas, Miniature Golf Marathon, Pawfect Art Show, Scrapbooking Scapoff, Drive-in Theater Night, and many more…