CEO Elite Teams

The CEO Elite Team was designed as a mutually beneficial and exclusive group of corporations and small businesses that work in conjunction with the CEO of the NPCC, Inc. Each CEO Elite team member will be a part of the organization’s advisory board. The greatest element of being a CEO Elite team member is the exclusivity. The CEO Elite Team consists of only one company from each industry. We will help market, advertise, promote, and advocate for each of our CEO Elite team members– recognizing them on a national scale. Also, each CEO Elite team member will benefit from free sponsorships and advertising for many of our events. All the benefits below are our way of saying thank you and are made available at no cost, and in return, each CEO Elite team member will provide their products or services that are needed to the NPCC, Inc. at no cost. Another great advantage of the membership is the ability to categorize the goods and services as donations and the potential tax advantages that donation may possess.

Our CEO Elite Team Member can join at one of these levels depending on the size of their business and their desired reach:

CEO Elite Team levels defined:

1) Area Level                    =      A town or small city in, around or near a major city.

2) City Level                     =      A major city.

3) Regional Level            =      A geographical area that includes more than one major city.

4) State Level                   =      A state.

5) Divisional Level          =      A geographical area that includes more than one state.

6) National Level             =      A country.

7) International Level     =      A geographical area that includes more than one country.

In detail, here are the great benefits of being an Elite Team member:

  • Recognition at all Networking Events

  • Networking skills workshops

  • Business Lead Groups

  • Membership breakfasts and luncheons

  • M. Exchange – An early morning business card exchange hosted by the local NPCC

  • After Hour Social and business events

  • Recognition in all Business Development Advertising, Meetings, and Events:

  • Award Ceremonies: luncheons/dinners

  • Business Development Conferences

  • Listed on our home page in the CEO’s Elite Team section

  • Full-page advertisement in each annual local NPCC Directory

  • Listed on every NPCC, Inc. Banner

  • CEO Elite Team Members may submit articles for our CEO Elite Team Members Section of our website

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  • First right to participate on all Task Force Committees

  • First right to participate in all types of advocacy at the local, regional, state or national level

  • First right to any council or committee membership

  • First right to any event planning committee membership

Marketing Opportunities:

  • Will be automatically listed as a sponsor on every print item

  • The CEO Elite Team members will be listed in every local printed NPCC directory listing and will receive one full page

  • Will receive all-new location ribbon cuttings and related advertising

  • Ability to submit one video per quarter for our website

  • Referrals – your product or service will be recommended


  • Upon request – advance reports on government, business and industry proposals and actions

  • Upon request – monitoring reports of any local city council meetings, business or industry meetings

  • Electronic monthly report from our CEO

  • If requested, a one on one meeting with our CEO – by phone or in person

  • Access to all NPCC Office local calendars for scheduling events

To be Considered for one of our

CEO Elite Teams

(Either Our: Local, City, Regional, State, Divisional, or National Team)

Simply Complete the CEO Elite Team Application Below:

 After you have completed the Application and Submitted, one of our representatives will be in touch with you soon. We value your involvement and look forward to working together to better not only your bottom line but also the communities where you provide your products or service.

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