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Thank youIt has become common practice for nonprofits and corporations to partner in a variety of ways. NPCC provides this unique advantage and looks forward to a partnership with any organization in the corporate world.  From one of our Corporate Sponsors becoming the title sponsor of one of our local events to becoming a title sponsor of one of our nationwide events:  The NPCC may also join with a Corporate Sponsor and co-create a product or service line specific to that partnership. According to NPCC research, it’s not only beneficial but absolutely necessary for Corporations to collaborate, leveraging all available resources, in order to achieve the next generation of long-term social impact.

The NPCC also uncovered in it’s research, in the course of working with a number of corporate giving programs and many of our nonprofit members seeking better and more strategic ways of partnering and assessing the value of those partnerships, we’ve developed the NPCC Partnership steps to success for both the Corporate Partner and the NPCC in every community. We realize that when evaluating any cross-sector partnership that mutual benefit is priority one.

NPCC 4 steps to Successful Corporate Partnerships:

1) Duration of Service in relationship to total Partnership Funding:

How long has your Corporation been involved in the communities where you provide your products or service to?

How long has the NPCC been assisting communities?  It has been 20 plus years that the NPCC has been helping people that are in need in communities across our nation.

What is the amount of financial or in-kind donations? Here at the NPCC our research has found that more does not always mean more.  The NPCC will make sure that more does equal more of a return on your valuable investment.

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 2) Value?  Both Overall Shared and Partnership Value:

The NPCC will make sure that we only Partner with Corporations that share our over all values.  We are also very confident that each Corporate Partner will enjoy a significant return and realize extra ordinary value that comes from its Partnership with the NPCC.


 3) Effective and Polished Co-Branding is critical:

When participating in CO-Branding on any level, all products, services, are branded in such a way that the general public can easily recognize the partnership and the value in participating through a purchase becomes contagious.

 4) An Engaged Partnership and Joint Decision Making:

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When your Corporation Partners with the NPCC, you will immediately since that the partnership is synergistic and dynamic.

It is also very critical to the success of any NPCC Partnership that all important strategic decisions are made together.

The NPCC thinks more strategically about each of its partnerships because we know that it will help both our Corporate Partners and us here at the NPCC to achieve a more sustainable social impact, together.

 The NPCC feels very strongly that we differentiate our brand and that we stand out from all others.  We feel strongly that need will always be present at different times throughout each life and we will be there to provide help to those who seek us out.  Yes, the NPCC turns toward our Corporate Partners to boost our HELP and visibility and to help increase overall the power of our reach into each community.

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People will reward Corporations that are NPCC Partners because they have a cause.
In our recent research the NPCC found that 89% of Americans believe that corporations and non-profits should work together to raise money and awareness for causes.  Moreover, after hearing about these partnerships, people throughout our communities were more likely to feel better about the Corporation that supports the cause.  Seventy six percent of people believe that partnerships result in a more positive image of the both the NPCC and the Corporate Partner.  Seventy nine percent are more likely to buy products or services from a Corporate Sponsor that supports the NPCC. Seventy Six percent are more likely to tell a friend about the Corporate Partner and the NPCC. Seventy percent are more likely to donate money to the NPCC.

The NPCC realizes that in order to remain relevant and top of mind, we here at the NPCC will never discount the impact that your Corporate Partnership will have on your products and services and the brand names that they carry.

People will support a variety of types of NPCC Corporate Partners

Again looking at the NPCC recent research, people in our communities agree that the NPCC should leverage all their Corporate Partners from all industries to provide a variety of corporate resources to support their joint causes.  Here are some of the ways that our Corporate Sponsors are working together with the NPCC.  Marketing and Advertising Support, a percentage of products or services sales toward the NPCC, cash and/or product or service donations, employee volunteerism and also, information about the NPCC on the Corporate Partner’s product or packaging.  The NPCC will establish successful, multi-faceted partnerships

People want Corporate Partners to support issues that are relevant to their lives: education, health, and the environment

The NPCC will help its Corporate Partners to determine which causes will best benefit society, enhance their brands, and create bottom-line results.  Regardless of household income, the NPCC found that people in all communities are obviously most focused on the issues that have a direct impact on their own well-being.

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The NPCC’s Commitment to each of its Corporate Partners:

**The NPCC will work extremely hard to clearly advocate your organization’s goals to ensure that our partnership will resonate with your target stakeholders.

**The NPCC provides assistance in all area of life and will work hard for any cause that is close to your organization’s heart.

 **The NPCC fully understands that all of the assets that your organization will make available are a result of hard work and are precious resources to provide critical assistant no matter what the cause.

 **The NPCC commits to a balanced, effective and reliable communication system.  We will utilize every possible channel of communication available to ensure your success.

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