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Why should I, as an Individual Concerned Citizen, join my local NPCC?

Helping our Communities grow to benefit both the people and the local economy.

Your local or regional NPCC  is on a mission to help join together and empower Churches, Non-Profit Organizations and State/Federal Organizations to help communities and businesses thrive and grow. You’ll also find your own voice as part of the NPCC – a way to influence local policy, put weight behind your opinions, and gain access to the people and policy-makers that can make a difference. Your local NPCC may be the catalyst you need to help your community through the uniting and empowering of every local Church and Non-Profit Organization to help business (and your community) thrive.

First, what is the NPCC?

The NPCC  is a non-profit entity (501 (c) (4)  made up of local, Concerned Citizens, Students, Veterans and Active Duty Division Members, Churches, Non-Profit Organizations, State/Federal Organizations and Businesses, all of which pay for an annual membership. The NPCC acts as a voice for each of our members interests in political and public venues as it relates to the NPCC 5 essentials of each of our lives and is often tasked with the job of attracting community investment, businesses, investing time and effort into the vitality of the area, and maintaining community-oriented programs again to help us carry out our mission.

The great thing about the NPCC is that each one is organized and carry out the joint mission in an impressive uniform manner.  Unlike similar organizations such as Chambers of Commerce that are organized in so many different ways, and few have a consistent hierarchical structure. The NPCC tends to function as a unified group and we are made up of  “coalitions” that believe in responsibility from one individual to the large corporate entity.   The goal of the NPCC is to create a functional body in each city and town across our nation that helps to unite and empower Churches and Non-Profit Organizations through the hard work of individual concerned citizens, students, veterans or active duty division members and the business community all to realize, community improvement, economic growth and a firm stand for our voices to be heard.

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The NPCC also provides a voice for business. When you add your voice to your local NPCC family, you find a place where your opinion makes a difference in the way the organization operates.

Why Join your local NPCC?

Here are eight reasons to join your local NPCC Family:
  • Access to advertising and directory listings. All NPCC local families have their own budgets, with access to several popular NPCC publications on a regular basis, and access to the NPCC business directories. When you join your NPCC, you automatically increase your ability to find NPCC members that are offering their products or services at a special price for NPCC membership.  This saves you money.

  • Professional networking. The NPCC is made up of like-minded people. Some will become friends and colleagues, some will share their years of expertise… and in the years to come, newcomers may look to you for advice. The NPCC is a family of Individuals, students, entrepreneurs and an awesome community of “HELP”.

  • Resources. Outreach, programs and incentives for NPCC Members are part and parcel of an NPCC membership. Many local NPCC families offer funding for businesses and start ups, and support as you continue to help grow and improve your community through the years. The NPCC also works to offer incentive CO-op programs and packages to individuals, students, Veterans and the Active Duty, Churches, Non-Profit Organization, and Businesses that move into your city, town, or municipality.

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  • Member Benefits. The benefits of membership extend beyond basic day to day assistance. Many NPCC local families offer unexpected extras like affordable health insurance and conference facilities for your employer or your local Church or for your business meetings and many other co-op type opportunities.

  • Representation. Your local NPCC offers a concerted voice for your social and community interests at the local, state, and national levels. From influencing local policy to advocating for national business interests, your NPCC is extremely well-organized and with the help of many individuals,  students, Veterans and Active Duty individuals, Churches, Non-Profit Organizations and Businesses we have the resources to bring your concerns to a larger audience.

  • Guidance and Consulting. Membership in an NPCC includes access to small business resource centers and to information that can make a difference to even the most seasoned business professional. Workshops, smart business counseling and question-and-answer sessions are usually part of NPCC membership.

  • Information Services. Your local NPCC can offer you top-quality information on the rules, regulations, and laws governing business in your particular location. Your NPCC can even dedicate staff to daily internet research, making sure their members are up to date on the most cutting edge facts, figures and information that can help you and your family.

  • A rising tide lifts all ships. Your NPCC has the funds, organization, and mission to help bolster any local economy. When you work for prosperity in the community, the community is better able to support you, your family and your community.

Tap into a pool of knowledge, funds and hands that can help you build a community that supports you, your family, and your community. Join your local NPCC family.

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