1114 - 5 - Business People Hands Stacked in a HuddleThere are important reasons for joining the NPCC, Inc. The NPCC exists to make a community a better place to work, live, and play which in turn will enhance economic growth.  Churches, Non-Profit Organizations, State/Federal Institutions, Small Businesses, Concerned Citizens and Students take great pride in their membership and their communities.  The NPCC is a Non-Profit organization that is an advocate for our communities. It is an organization that will managed by a volunteer Advisory Board of Directors from across our country, established to promote a firm foundation of a community to help maintain healthy civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural progress within and to work diligently with community partners, realizing the power in numbers.

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NPCC members are proud to belong to an organization that plays such a key role in the community. They display their membership logos on their windows and advertise their membership in their brochures or advertisements. Holding a membership in a local NPCC that is recognized by everyone in our communities, allows members to promote to the outside world that they belong to something important.

What Does Membership Provide?

Membership provides Churches, Non-Profit Organizations, State/Federal Institutions, Small Businesses, Students and Concerned Citizens with information about important community, business and government issues that affect them, and adds their voice to all the other NPCC members for an increasingly multiplied Power Level. Not only do members have a voice at a local level, they also become a part of the National NPCC voice and soon the International NPCC voice. This allows lobbying for issues that will make our Churches, Non-Profits Organizations, State/Federal Institutions and Small Businesses better, more effective, powerful and prosperous; not only at the local level, but also state and federal levels.  Wow! Finally a way to make a real difference and really be heard!

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The NPCC at all levels speaks on behalf of the Concerned Citizen, Student, Church, Non-Profit Organization, State/Federal Institution and Small Business communities at public hearings and with media and government on matters that impact not only these specific areas of the community, but also the community at large.

The Real Reason to Join

But the real value of joining the NPCC is the positive perceptions of the public about membership. Here are a few key points to should consider:

Your NPCC is a partnership of people working together to build a better community. Collaboration is at the heart of all NPCC activities. The power of successful partnerships with all levels of government and with Churches, Non-Profit Organizations, Small Businesses and many very active and concerned individuals make it possible for us to accomplish great goals. The more our members are involved with the community the more it benefits from the community. The NPCC continuously is bettering the community which in turn will attract more people into the area.  All of these people will need local Churches, they will be able work and help financially support Non-Profit Organizations and they will need the products and services of the small businesses in the community. All of our activities and efforts work hand in hand.

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It’s a NEW DAY! Join today and enjoy the following benefits!   

 1) A Business Directory: Published every two years!

2) E-Blast or Newsletter: NPCC’s E-mail Blast and Newsletter events and special sales advertising is free!

3) Sponsorship of Project: Projects open for advertising/sponsors: Taste of the Trails & Wine Extravaganza, The Annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Events, All Parade, Tree Lighting Ceremony, All Festivals,  All Farmers’ Market & Street Fairs, All Golf Tournament and other sports tournaments, All Awards Banquet, and All types of walks and run events.

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 4) Networking Opportunity: Business After Hours Mixers-Quarterly, Small Business Seminars, Annual Awards Banquet in February, NPCC Member of Excellence Program both Monthly and Annual, Multiple opportunities for media recognition- TV, radio , and print.

Front Office: Business flyer displayed in Chamber office, Business referrals

Community Calendar-list of yearly events and monthly happenings
Business card rack display available to members.                                                                   

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    • Business Opportunities:  Address labels available to members for $10.00, non-members $30.00, Committees to join-see list attached, Membership Plaque – Identifies your business as a community supporter

    • Quarterly Newsletters

    • Mailing out 4 times a year and distributed to households in the NPCC area.

    • Other Benefits: NPCC presents at City Council and School District meetings providing Churches, Non-Profit Organizations and Small Businesses a powerful voice and connection to local government.  NPCC also presents to State committees and other critical State government entities.  Again, a powerful voice and connection to the people who legislate and lead our states. At the National Level our Chairman of the Advisory Board and our CEO will be strategically involved each year with federal committees and individual lawmakers, keeping a very close pulse on national issues that would affect Churches, Non-Profit Organizations and Small Businesses.  This is access that most of our members could not be able to accomplish on their own other than writing your congressman.                                                                                                           

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      • Marketing and Public Relations Assistance

      • Tax deductible membership

      • Membership Co-Ops for all members and their Members and Employees: Wireless Phone Service, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Eye Benefits, Travel Benefits, Credit Cards, Gas Cards, Auto Rental Services, Auto Leasing Services, Wholesale Shopping Membership, Insurance Products, Employment Association, Staffing Assistance. 

      • Remember your NPCC offers a variety of services to its members. Many of these services are free, some are discounted and others are priced at rates sufficient to cover our costs. Members are invited to use any and all of the benefits appropriate for their Church, Non-Profit Organization, or Small Business.

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Free Services:

Referrals for your Church, Non-Profit Organization and Small Business

The NPCC maintains professional lists of all its members; these are supplied upon request. We refer only NPCC members.

Consultation Services

The NPCC offers consulting services to Churches, Non-Profit Organizations and Small Businesses through our Resource Center and Business Development Specialist. Whether you are just starting out or growing an existing Church, Non-Profit Organization, or Small Business, the NPCC can help you reach your goals. We offer one-on-one counseling and a variety of Business Seminars throughout the year designed to help you succeed.

New Starts and Grand Opening

We assist new or existing Churches, Non-Profits, and Small Businesses with their new Starts and grand openings by conducting a ribbon cutting ceremony, taking a photo and publishing it in the NPCC E-mail Blast and the NPCC Newsletter.  We will also send out a press release to the local media; TV, Radio and Print.

Membership Directory

Each member receives what we call the “Triple Play” listing in this annual directory; one alphabetical listing, one listing by business category and one 1/8 page ad, all absolutely free!  Paid advertisements are also available in this comprehensive community resource (i.e. – front outside and inside cover, ¼, ½, ¾, full, double page, back inside cover and back outside cover…etc).

List of all the Members that are the key to saving Time and Money!

This list is updated monthly and supplements the annual membership directory. It is available to members upon request. The list can also be purchased on computer disks or labels.

Membership Plaques and Decals

Each member receives a plaque and a decal indicating their support of the community through their investment in the NPCC.

Professional Staff Assistance

The NPCC staff is available to assist with general inquiries and Church, Non-Profit, or business needs.

Radio and Television Programs

The NPCC’s weekly radio and television programs provide valuable information to the public on NPCC events, members and community issues.

The NPCC membership dues are based on 2 things:

1) The size of the city or town that your Church, Non-Profit Organization or Small Business is located.  We use a simple numerical factor that is multiplied times the total population in your town or city; this gives you your city’s membership rate. Since all of our success comes down to the simple factor of how many people we assist, our membership dues are based on total number of people in your city or town.

2) The average Gross Annual Income or Revenue of your Church, Non-Profit Organization, or Small Business. We simply take your City or Town rate that was calculated in number 1 and multiply it times your Gross Income or Revenue.

(Individuals and students join the NPCC at a flat $75.00 rate per year or $7.81 per month.)

 CLICK on the logo below to PRINT a hard copy of the– “Benefit Document”

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To become a Member TODAY…Either go to one of our Membership Pages under the Membership Tab above…or simply CLICK on one of the Membership Pages Below and Complete your Membership Application at the Bottom of the Page. 

We need your Membership…JOIN NOW!

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