1114 - 5 - Business People Hands Stacked in a HuddleThe NPCC was established to make communities better places to work, live, and play – while enhancing economic growth. This organization is managed by a volunteer Advisory Board of directors from across our country. Our goal is to promote a firm foundation to maintain healthy civic, commercial, and industrial progress. We work diligently with community partners, realizing the strength in numbers.
Who Can Join?
  • Churches
  • Non-profit organizations
  • State / Federal Institutions
  • Small Businesses
  • Students & Concerned Citizens
What Does Membership Provide?
  • A voice at the local, state, and soon the national level
  • Lobbying for issues that will make our communities more powerful and prosperous
  • Public hearings with media and government on important matters
  • Successful partnerships through community collaboration
  • Building a better community for everyone
When you join, you will receive the following:
  1. A Business Directory: published every two years
  2. E-Blast or Newsletter: NPCC’s E-mail Blast and Newsletter events and sales advertising is free
  3. Ability to sponsor an available project: Taste of the Trails & Wine Extravaganza, Annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Events, All Parade, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Festivals,  Farmers’ Market & Street Fairs, Golf Tournament and other sports tournaments, Awards Banquet, and various types of walking/running events
  4. Networking Opportunities: Business After Hours Mixers-Quarterly, small business seminars, annual awards banquet in February, NPCC Member of Excellence Program (monthly and annually), multiple opportunities for media recognition- TV, radio, and print
  5. Business flyer displayed in Chamber office, business referrals
  6. Community Calendar: lists annual events and monthly happenings; business card rack display available to members
  7. Business Opportunities:  Address labels available to members for $10.00, non-members $30.00, Membership Plaque – Identifies your business as a community supporter
  8. NPCC presents at city council and school district meetings
  9. Marketing and Public Relations Assistance
  10. Tax-deductible membership
  11. Membership Co-Ops for all members: wireless phone service, medical/dental benefits, travel benefits, credit & gas cards, auto rental services, wholesale shopping membership, insurance products, employment association, staffing assistance
Free Services:
  • Referrals for your Church, Non-Profit Organization and Small Business
  • The NPCC maintains professional lists of all its members; these are supplied upon request
  • Consultation Services / Business seminars, counseling
  • Consulting services to churches, non-profit organizations and small businesses through our Resource Center and Business Development Specialist
  • We assist new or existing churches, non-profits, and small businesses with their new starts and grand openings by conducting a ribbon-cutting ceremony, taking a photo and publishing it in the NPCC E-mail Blast and the NPCC Newsletter, along with submission to local media
  • Each member receives what we call the “Triple Play” listing in our annual membership directory; one alphabetical listing, one listing by business category, and one 1/8 page ad, all absolutely free!  Paid advertisements are also available in this comprehensive community resource.
  • Each member receives a plaque and a decal indicating their support of the community through their investment in the NPCC.
  • The NPCC staff is available to assist with general inquiries and church, non-profit, or business needs.
  • The NPCC’s weekly radio and television programs provide valuable information to the public on NPCC events, members, and community issues.
What are the dues?
1) Individuals and students have a flat rate of $75 per year.
2) For churches, non-profits, or small businesses, we use a simple mathematical formula. The size is a determining factor, as well as the population of your city. Please reach out for specific details!
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