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Our Story

About Us 1

Here you will find a brief history of how our organization came to be. Also a clear exactly who we are and how we have provided HELP for individuals and organizations in the past and how we plan to HELP now and in years to come.

Our Mission

This section speaks directly about our day to day mission.  This is what everyone that makes up the NPCC Staff across the country will need to focus on every minute of each day all year around every year for us to be the most effective and successful.

AU 3Benefits

Everything that you or your organization need to know about the benefits that joining the NPCC will bring your way.  From our RewardsNOW program that allows both individuals and organizations to build up NPCC dollars every time that they HELP their community.  The NPCC dollars can be used to purchase goods and services from the NPCC RewardsNOW Catalog. Finally, to our many NPCC member services and co-ops that will bring you or your organization huge savings.  You are also able to print our a hard copy of the Benefits to share with a friend or 2 or 3 or 4…etc…AU 8

EM Trading Post

This is a cool thing it is the NPCC’s Membership Mall and it is presented to you by you and the NPCC.  Okay, let me explain. Whatever industry you happen to be in or whatever products or services that you may represent, they can become a part of the official NPCC Membership Mall – “EM Trading Post”.  This section covers exactly how this amazing way to experience huge savings and at the same time increase your customer base.

Earth Yolk

This was NPCC’s first EM Trading Post Store and it is brought to us by everyone that makes up your NPCC Staff.  Earth Yolk is a premier Web Development Service Store.  Lear all about this store and how you can receive super discounts on almost everything that you can think of that has to do with Web Development.

AU 5CEO Elite Teams

All the information that you need on one of the NPCC’s exceptional programs.  There are only a few industries that are essential to the efficient and successful day to day operations of any organization whether large or small.  These companies from each industry will apply for the extremely coveted position of CEO Elite Team Member.  Only one company per industry per geographic area will be selected. This exclusivity in an area is an excellent way to boost your organization in both recognition as a company that is passionate about HELPING the community it serves  and also in the moving of your products or services. Read how your company can be our next CEO Elite Team Member.

Corporate SponsorshipAU 4

Get all the details you need on how your company can become one of the strongest forces for good in and around the communities that you serve.  It is so simple.  We do all the work for your company and your company is the star and the recognition is priceless.  You will learn about the 2 conventional ways that corporations can get involved and become one of our Corporate Sponsors.  Because we will have many non profit organizations as NPCC Organization Members, we can also give your company a selection of causes that would broaden your HELP foot print on the community that you serve.

AU 9Events

In this section you will find the 3 main sections that will help you and your organization or company stay in tuned with all the events that are taking place in your community.  Even those events that may be on a statewide or national level.  The 3 areas that will provide you the up to date insight are:  1) Upcoming Events- The NPCC will always keep its Members informed about both upcoming NPCC events and other important community events that are taking place in and around the community that you serve.  2) Event Sponsorship- You, your organization and your company will enjoy many opportunities for sponsorship of different types of events throughout each year.  Sponsorship are an excellent way to increase your brand recognition and also present your company as a strong and passionate corporate citizen, and finally, 3) Event Requests — This entire section is dedicated to the when, wheres and how to request your own annual or on time event.  The NPCC will pull all of its member’s resources and assist you with any type of event that you are seeking to tackle.  Events are fun for the entire community and they help to promote unity and a more family orientated community work ethic.  This is a very good thing.

AU 7

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