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Welcome to our site. We are so glad that you have taken the time to drop by. The NPCC, Inc. is a state non-profit corporation that has a passion for HELPING in and around the communities where we live. It is our belief that everything around us boils down to one thing and that is people, us.

Simply stated, we need each other. We realize that everyone is not perfect and that each of us have experienced times of hardship in our lives. We are aware that from these times of hardship, new and exciting change can occur, change for the good. A change that is a result of receiving the right type of help at the right time.  Everyone here at the NPCC is focused on bringing prosperity and success to both individuals and organizations through providing the right kind of help that will truly touch lives and make a real difference.  We do this because we know that, in turn, it will help make our communities better places to live.

The NPCC, Inc. will carry on the work of it’s parent company, Kindred Heritage, Inc. (Formerly The Kindred Life Foundation, Inc.) that began over 20 years ago by Amos Ramirez, it was founded on a vision that our communities would regain the responsibility of caring for and meeting their own needs. It will continue this vision of providing a simple, yet exciting ways to improve a community by re-energizing it’s principle beliefs and passion.

From transportation, to physical labor, to childcare, to employment, in our early years our team succeeded against insurmountable odds. Our parent company soon discovered that when they brought together ordinary individuals, households, churches, non-profit organizations, small businesses, private institutions and state or federal institutions as a united team, this team was not only very powerful, but it was virtually unstoppable.

The Kindred Heritage, Inc. exposed the value of being proactive in its problem solving mission to the communities around the United States. Today, the NPCC, Inc., upon the conclusion of our transformation to a membership organization, will be ready to fully open our doors and begin gearing up that same kind of positive activity in as many communities as we can help reinvigorate and promote healthier communities, stronger economical environments, and increased business climates so that all who join us and work hard will benefit.


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